Wednesday, October 20th, 2010
Infusion RX

A quick and effective age appearance reducing skincare product, Infusion RX rejuvenates skin and visibly reduces fine wrinkles and lines in only an hour. Feel the rejuvenation and experience the difference with Infusion RX.

Cosmetic filling spheres hydrate the epidermis layers naturally, as Infusion RX uses the latest Epihydra-Sphere technology, which utilizes marine Hyaluronic microspheres to fill in even deep wrinkles. These microspheres are dehydrated to allow for better penetration. Microspheres are “micro-injected” into the skin, and then they swell with water. Epihydra-Sphere technology provides continuous hydration due to the micro-reservoir effect. The microspheres moisturize from the inside.

Engelhand’s general manager of personal care materials, Frank Freiler, says, "The anti-wrinkle delivery system is a breakthrough alternative to painful injections for the personal care market. Our exclusive filling spheres harness the industry's most natural key ingredients, hyaluronic acid, for high-intensity and rapid-action skin smoothing and softening results," along with the ingredient BoNT-L peptide, which has the same effect as type-A botulinum toxin that is used in modern invasive cosmetic procedures, but it does not cause side effects like Ptosis or cause the need for repeat treatments.

Infusion RX is ideal for:

• Forehead region (where deep thought wrinkles appear)
• Glabellar region (where frown lines appear)
• Periorbital folds (where crow’s feet appear)
• Chin folds (also known as cobblestone chin)
• Nasal lines (also known as bunny lines)
• Upper lip wrinkles
• Decolletage folds
• Phatysmal folds (also known as turkey neck)

Infusion RX is available through OKMART Online. Bepharmacy Pty. Ltd. trades as OKMART Online, a progressive retail division that focuses on innovations and customer satisfaction. Their management team boasts a combined decade of experience with online retailing, so they know that their valued customers want service and price satisfaction. They strive to accomplish that goal.


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