Wednesday, May 18th, 2016

The top 100 accounting firms need to embrace the opportunity that disruption brings if they are to successfully deal with increasing competition and price pressure, says the author of the Digital Strategy Benchmark Guide for the top 100 accounting firms, Amanda Falconer.

Firms that don’t want to stand still and disappear in five years time, will need to develop new service lines. These will include managing finance functions, advisory services and even business coaching. 

However, even if accountants see themselves as the natural owners of these areas, not every client will agree, Falconer says.

“For clients to see accountants as the natural owner of these advisory and coaching services, they’ll need to establish credibility and trust in these new fields. One of the key ways they can do that is to use thought leadership and business storytelling strategically.”

Using case studies and insights developed for her forthcoming book, Differentiate or Disappear: How to thrive in the midst of disruption, Falconer will talk with professional services partners and business development executives about:

•    What thought leadership looks like and how it opens doors
•    How thought leadership establishes instant credibility and trust
•    How to use business storytelling after the door is open 
•    How to get other partners to buy-in

She’ll also facilitate a discussion with the audience covering key questions and challenges. 

The Virtual Round-table: How to use Thought Leadership to Open Doors and Business Storytelling to Land the Business, is on at 1pm, June 9, 2016.


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