Wednesday, October 20th, 2010
If you like to drink clean fresh water, then you have probably fallen into the habit of drinking bottled water. It's easy to understand why, since bottled water is much cleaner, clearer, and it tastes better than water directly from the tap. However, there are many disadvantages to drinking bottled water that you might not know about. Many people are switching to clean water filtration systems like CleverWater. Let's take a closer look at why bottled water may not be as good of a choice as a good water filtration system.

The first reason that bottled water is such a terrible solution to meet your drinking needs is that it leaves an enormous carbon footprint. What is ironic about this is that many of the same people who are concerned about the environment often can be found toting around a bottle of water. This is understandable, since they want to live a clean and natural life, which includes clean, fresh water. Unfortunately, they don't realise all the resources that have been wasted to produce their bottle of water. Plastic is a product that is generally produced as a derivative of petroleum. This means that as you drink bottled water, you are contributing to the depletion of important fossil fuels. The more oil you consume, the larger your carbon footprint is. This means that you are contributing more to the destruction of the planet. Furthermore many plastic bottles fill our landfill or land up in our rivers and oceans.

Instead, you can utilise a modern water cooler filtration system like Clever Water Coolers. Clever Water uses an excellent water cooler technology that uses way less plastic than bottled water. Best of all, it is significantly cheaper. It uses the water that is dispensed directly from your tap, so you won't ever have to worry about frequent inconvenient deliveries of water . It is amazing to be able to drink ice-cold water on demand whenever you want. If you want to drink some water on the go, simply refill your favourite water bottle and hit the road. You'll feel great knowing that you are saving money while at the same time you are contributing to a more sustainable planet for everyone.


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