Tuesday, May 17th, 2016

Water allocation outlooks published by the South Australian, New South Wales and Victorian governments have consistently predicted lower allocations than this current season for the start of the new irrigation year. Whilst final allocations from the Victorian Resource Manager and the New South Wales Department of Primary Industries remain unchanged, both suggest that irrigators are tracking between extremely dry and dry for the year ahead. 

Waterfind’s 2016/17 Water Outlook for the Southern Connected System has been updated to incorporate the most recent forecast announcements as well as detailed market data from national and regional resources. This update includes the final allocation announcements from Water Authorities for this water season.

Whilst May has seen welcome rainfall across the Murry-Darling Basin regions, this has had little impact on in-flows into major catchments. Water authorities suggest that low seasonal determinations are likely early in the 2016/17 season, even if inflows improve as catchments require more significant rainfall before water levels rise substantially. These low opening allocation forecasts the 2016/17 water year suggest that it is shaping up to be a challenging one.

Irrigators have already put a plan in place to mitigate the impact of low allocations which has stimulated especially high demand for carryover and forward water. However there is still time for irrigators to prepare themselves for the next season, with some water markets remaining open until mid to late June. 

To secure water before the end of the season, with time to process any trades, Waterfind’s temporary markets are open until the following dates. 
NSW Districts (MIL, WMI, MI)                    9 June
SA and VIC Internal & to/from SA/VIC        17 June

Waterfind is currently working with customers to ensure accounts are balanced for 2015/16 water year. Carryover opportunities are utilised and Forward Water is considered as part of your overall water management strategy. To discuss the best available solutions for your water needs, Freecall 1800 890 285.

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Established in 2003, Waterfind developed a quality endorsed water market system that expanded from a local focus on water supply and demand, to a national market that covers key agricultural industries and investors. At present, Waterfind facilitates the buying and selling of both permanent and temporary water across the major irrigation regions of NSW, QLD, SA and VIC.

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