Monday, May 16th, 2016

By using the latest battery technology that saves and stores solar energy so it can be used after dark or sold back into the grid, energy consumers can take the ‘power’ back as electricity costs spiral.

“Traditional grid connected solar inverter systems have no capacity for storage, so everyday some of the energy you generate is sent back into the grid ,  with none in reserve for the evening, so you have no choice but to source the rest from the grid,” said solar energy specialist Brett Easton from Cablelogic.

But new storage technology available now allows consumers to save the excess power they generate for their own personal use at a time that is convenient to them. .

“Recent breakthroughs in battery technology solutions have meant that while lithium batteries are still common, many more environmentally friendly battery storage systems are coming onto the market and gaining in popularity,” Mr Easton said.

“If you install a large enough battery system at your home or business, you will have the ability to store and use all of the power that you generate and that means you will save much more on your energy bills.

"These battery systems put the power back into the hands of the consumer and provide a complete return on investment for an entire solar energy and storage system,” Mr Easton said.

But how do you get one for your home or business?

“The first step is to review the current energy output of your solar PV system and load in your home or business, and these days you can analyse and control energy generation and consumption in real time via smart web connected energy management devices,” said Mr Easton.

“Once you have reviewed your usage and determined if battery storage is useful and viable, you can then choose a suitable sized battery storage system to complement a solar PV system.”

Last year Cablelogic was awarded the Best Commercial Enterprise Award in the 2015 CEBA Small Business Awards.


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Morley-based Cablelogic is a fully licensed and accredited electrical contractor and solar installer with over 21 years' experience.  Cablelogic manages electrical, data & communications and solar & battery storage solutions to homes and businesses across WA. Located in Perth and Karratha, Cablelogic has partnered with Redback Technologies in Queensland to deliver battery storage solutions and CarbonTRACK for energy management solutions.

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