Tuesday, October 19th, 2010
The late economist Milton Friedman was famously quoted to have said, "The business of business is business." Friedman was a statistician and a professor at the University of Chicago. Also, he won a Nobel Prize in Economics.

Every person in the world of business - and that goes for business owners to employees, should take an active interest into the workings of business. What is business? How does a successful business function? What can you do to make your business more successful? What does "the business of business is business" really mean? http://www.technocash.com/articles/business/business/the-business-of-business-is-business.cfm

One useful interpretation of the saying, "The business of business is business" is that it was said to focus on the important aspects of business. What is the most important business activity one can do to get ahead?

Cash flow is often what business people focus on. Cash flow is the money coming in and out of your business. Cash flow is important, and it is vital to keep track of it. However without profit a business cannot continue to operate long term. Profit allows for growth, profit allows for future planning, and can tie a company over during harder times. So one could say, "the business of business is business profit."

Given the saying "the business of business is business" focuses on the prime business activities for business success, then business owners and employees need the best business tools. Good business tools make running the business easier and ideally more cost efficient whilst saving you time and energy. stayTechnocash has a fantastic selection of Business Online Accounts http://www.technocash.com/articles/accounts/technocash-online-account.cfm that already make running business better for their business clients.

Find out about why "the business of business is business" saying is still so potent today as when Milton Friedman first said it here: http://www.technocash.com/articles/business/business/the-business-of-business-is-business.cfm

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