Monday, December 27th, 2010
There is something interesting about event attendance that most event promoters and Trade show marketing ignore at their own peril. This cruel reality is that people don’t care about your great event unless they know or find someone who is attending your event, or your event has been recommended to them by a person they know and trust.

Trying to convince an individual to come to your event is like asking them to show off at an event where they don’t know any person in the crowd.

When I was writing this post I received the email below from a friend to whom I’ve written earlier in the day to check if he is attending at the end of the week a monthly networking event we are used to go together. Please, Read it for yourself:

Hello Mawuna,

I am doing good, working in a big report of Baltic Ebanking analysis, which I will present at its keeping me crazy busy. The internations meeting is exactly in same day as conference in Riga so I won’t be able to attend but there will be my friends attending.

One of them (Egle) for 1st time, Can i ask you a favor and pre-meet her to go together to the meeting to make her more comfortable.

Let’s meet next week when we can! During weekend im in Berlin!
take care!

You should stop trying to convince individual to come to your event. Event attendance is a gregarious decision: more people will attend your event if more people they know are already willing to attend or heard about it.

Knowing this reality you should shape all your event marketing and promotions tactics on securing in the early days of your event promotion about 15% of the number of attendees you wish for your event. Once you reach this number, study carefully the profile of the early birds and seek how you can make the event go viral trough their circle of influence.

In order to get your early birds, give away some free tickets to:

• The magazines, blogs, websites that your target audience read
• Influencers of your target audience
• Event organizers (trade show, conference, exposition) whose events your target audience is used to attend
• Venues owners where your target audience spend time
• Service providers to your target audience

Make your free tickets claim time-sensitive. Incentives work best when there is a CLEAR EXPIRATION DATE. Make it clear that the offer won’t last or your prospective customer will lose out if they don’t immediately RSVP or accept your offer.

Special event marketing is the key to your events success. At, we know how to help event’s organizers and trade show exhibits reach people who know people who will be interested to attend their event, and ask them referrals. Goodbuzz is a community. Join us today.

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