Thursday, November 6th, 2008

Innovative solution enabling high speed Ethernet packets to traverse over 2.5 Km on existing Coaxial Cable infrastructure

Nashua, NH – Aboundi Inc. has announced the release of its APL2400 series of VersatileWire™ Quad Ethernet CoaxBridge™ products which enables commercial and business users the confidence and reliability of extending the new IP based devices and application to run over their existing long distance coaxial cable infrastructure.

Aboundi has introduced its innovative “VersatileWire™” technology to enable the extension of the ubiquitous Ethernet applications through coaxial cable deployment already in existence. It is specifically designed to minimize the obsolescence of the pre-existing coaxial cabling where upgrading from the older analog based devices such as analog CCTV cameras to the newer IP based cameras for the ease of remote video surveillance monitoring and smart management applications.

Hence, allowing both maximum capital investment preservation and minimum Total Cost of Deployment (TCD) associating with the migration to the new IP technology oriented applications. The ‘VersatileWire™’ family of products allows a very simple plug and play installation with any new high speed Ethernet based devices to the existing cabling infrastructure.

The customary requirement for the need to rewire “home run” Ethernet CAT5 cables in order to replace these older analog devices is no longer necessary. The APL2400-200 UltraSpeed ™ Quad Ethernet CoaxBridge™ provides four (4) shielded MDI/MDIX RJ45 auto-detect full/half duplex Ethernet ports that can be connected to any 10/100 Mbps Ethernet ports on PCs and other peripheral devices such as Point of Service (POS), IP cameras, monitors, serial servers and etc.

“The APL2400-200 CoaxBridge™ has proven its immediate value with great savings in deployment cost for Bolton, Massachusetts.” said Bob Johnson, President of Bolton Access Television.

“The distance from Town Hall to Emerson High School is over 1000 meters and we needed a cost effective Ethernet connection between these facilities over lines already in use for video connections” said Johnson. “Aboundi’s APL2400-200 took no time to install and it provided us with instant high speed Ethernet connectivity.”

“We are most delighted our VersatileWire™ solution has expanded our Electric Connect® capability to reach beyond just the AC electric wiring networking infrastructure for commercial business applications”, stated Hong Yu, President and CEO of Aboundi Inc.

“It is surprisingly easy to bring the new Ethernet applications to an existing coaxial cable plant that is already in place and ‘synergistically’ co-exist with active video applications.”

The APL2400-200 series product is available now from Aboundi’s authorized Distribution Partners and the listed MSRP is $330.

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Aboundi Inc.’s Electric Connect® solution is designed to enable high speed Ethernet packets to traverse over many different transmission mediums: in-premise electrical wiring, extended distance for twisted pair wires and long distance coaxial cables.
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