Sunday, October 17th, 2010
There is only one thing better than breathing in the welcoming aroma of fresh coffee or espresso brewing on a cool morning. That one thing is the luxury of brewing your own coffee or espresso in the comfort of your own home. An espresso machine or home coffee machine is just what's needed to get started. But how do you get great coffee without paying the expense of a home coffee or espresso machine? That's the best part.

Now you can own one of the better coffee/espresso machines available today from Lavazza. This particular coffee machine has the ability to make a double shot or two cups at one time. This coffee/espresso maker is the latest design, made in Italy and comes with a built-in steamer. There is no special plumbing required, the machine is clean and easy to maintain, and there are no warranty or service issues because all maintenance is handled by us. Compared with other available coffee machines out there, this one is beautifully designed and will be a welcome addition to any decor.

Coffee is more than just something people drink in the morning, coffee is one of the pleasures in this life. The anticipation that comes from that first whiff of freshly brewing coffee or espresso, the first careful sip as the hot liquid gently passes through pursed lips and over your tongue, and finally the flavor bursting forth in your mouth. Coffee and espresso drinkers don't want good coffee, they want great coffee. The free Lavazza Italian Espresso Point Coffee Machine is for those people who demand a great cup of coffee or espresso.

All you have to do to own this beautiful coffee/espresso maker is purchase a carton of 120 coffee capsules from Lavazza every three months. There is no long-term commitment to some monthly subscription service and there are no hidden costs. Another order of our coffee capsules, or pods, will be automatically shipped to you every three months. You can even mix and match different coffee varieties to suit your particular taste. It's that simple. No contracts, you can cancel your future commitment at any time. After 1200 coffee capsules, this beautiful home coffee machine is yours to keep.

You can get started now by going to to order your coffee machine and your first order of coffee capsules. You may also call 1300 622 126 and one of our Lavazza sales/service team members can assist you with ordering. Of course, if for any reason you're not satisfied, we have a 100% satisfaction guarantee.


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