Friday, October 15th, 2010
Enjoy beautiful Bali

Bali, a land of spice and romantic escapism is a worldwide favorite for individuals, families and couples alike. Colourful, vibrant and seeped throughout in deep cultural heritage, this Indonesian scenic masterpiece is a must see for naturalists and adventurers. Bail’s culturally rich past is evident throughout the island in over 20,000 easily accessible temples, palaces plus multitudes of bright festivals and ceremonies that recall its holy, ancient past.

Bail’s lovely beaches are just a short distance away from the area’s Sunda Islands making them a perfect day trip for island visitors. Under the light of fading summer sun, visitors can enjoy wonderful evening time Balinese dance and drama entertainment shows from the amazing Fire dance performed to ward off spirit possession to the Wayang Kulit Shadow puppet show which shares some of Bail’s oldest myths and legends.

Bail is a mariner’s heaven with daily abundance cruise opportunities to enjoy a sunrise plus sunset cruises, which will allow cruisers to experience unrivalled moments in view Bail’s overflowing and plentiful sea life. For a total relaxation encounter, Bali’s beauty spa services surpass even the greatest continental spa resorts and are not to be missed.

For truly special indulgence, Island visitors can enjoy spacious comfortably luxurious Bail villas allowing for a unique island experience unlike anything on offer at the area’s impersonal luxury hotels and resorts. These comfortable villas maintained in impeccable condition and designed with traditional Balinese interiors cater to visitors from their arrival to departure; visitors to these amazing Bali villas will be pampered with exceptional care by a staff of well trained butlers, maids and cooks preparing international and usual Balinese meals handed down from generations for singles and families alike.
In addition to all modern amenities, private Bali villas allow guest time to relax in private swimming pools with surrounding lush topical gardens providing a completely sophisticated vacation experience in the comfort of a secluded, yet informal holiday home. An area rich with beauty with abundance exotic, picturesque rice terraces the Island paradise of Bali is a pristine natural wonder that you’ll be sure to remember for eons to come.


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