Monday, October 18th, 2010
I have just finished reading this fascinating blog post by my friend Rohit Bhargava (at Inlfuential marketing) about “How A Portuguese Singer Got 20 Million Views On YouTube”.

From a list of 5 things Ana Free (the signer) and her team did tremendously well, 2 actions stand above all to make the artist promotion a success:

1. Find complimentary partners. At several points, Ana partners with other musicians who themselves have large and active YouTube audiences like Maria Zouroudis. These duets allow her to engage another audience outside of her own and introduce herself to music fans who will likely enjoy her music as well because it is a similar style to the other musicians who she partners with.

2. Ask for help from your community. When Ana finally released her own album, all the videos in her channel used tagging and links to drive viewers of any video to listen to her music and get a copy of it. She also posted a video asking for help in promoting the album and spreading the world. By integrating this promotion with all her existing videos and directly asking for help, she is engaging the community which has supported her over 3 years and asks them to take the next step by talking about her new album and recommending it to others.

Now, comes the question most artists and bands could ask “how do I do that?”. Band promotion is no picnic. It requests sweat equity, dedication and persistence. Whatever, the first step is to have an action plan and follow through.

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