Thursday, November 6th, 2008

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Australian women in technology have jumped out of the box and won with ease the 2008 IT’s Million $ Babes Stakes, with Melbourne based Jenny Barbour of Jenny Barbour & Associates taking out first place in the > $8 million category and Caroline Patton of Accuteque taking first place in the $1 million - $3 million stakes.

IT's Million $ Babes Awards ( are about recognising women in IT who run multi-million dollar technology businesses. They are the creators and innovators who by so doing have achieved financial success and are living their life dreams and helping transform the lives of others.

The Awards demonstrate that entrepreneurial spirit is alive and well in smart technology savvy women. The statistics of these women is interesting their businesses contribute more than $20 million to the economy, they employ more than 120 staff and 250 contractors between them, and have more than 20,000 clients and users!

A strong services theme links the winners of the 2008 IT’s Million $ Babes Award. Winners span servicing the IT industry via – Recruitment, Training, Consulting, Outsourced Testing, and solutions for addressing workplace health and safety issues. Following hot on the heels of the inaugural awards (announced in January 2008) the 2008 Award winners span businesses ranging from almost a $1 million dollars to greater than $8 million dollars per annum.

These powerful role models are building profitable businesses and contributing to the lives and well being of their hundreds of employees and contractors as well as the general community. With client lists that include blue chip companies, mining and infrastructure giants and international firms plus interests in advocacy for mothers in the workplace, increased diversity and meeting multicultural needs, addressing the skill shortage and workplace injuries and illness these high achieving, hard working, successful business women seem set to weather the economic storm.


The 2008 Award winners are:

>$8 million category winners:

Jenny Barbour: Founder & Director -Jenny Barbour & Associates - Melbourne, Vic (Specialising in IT recruitment since 1998, Jenny Barbour & Associates’ extensive pool of high calibre IT professionals excel at all levels of IT in Australia’s largest organisations).

Desma Spyridopoulos: Co Founder GLINTECH – Sydney, NSW (GLiNTECH provide high-quality, innovative application development using the most current technologies and approaches).

$1 million - $3 million category winners:

Rosy Jansen: CEO – Computer Training Options (CTO) - Gold Coast, Qld (CTO is a national IT training company, which provides professional, on-site training services for business clients around Australia).

Caroline Patton: Founder - Accuteque – Melbourne, Vic (Accuteque offers independent, tailored Business Analysis and Testing services to both large and small organizations).

Almost $1 million category:

Jenny Legge: Founder & CEO – Job Fit Systems – Mackay, Qld (Job Fit Systems is a software and services company reducing the global multi-billion dollar problem of workplace injuries and illness.).

CONTACTS: Ms Sonja Bernhardt 0416 248 236 [email protected] contact a babe direct "firsttname" "first initial surname" eg Jenny Barbour [email protected]

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IT's Million $ Babes

About the Award: The "IT's Million $ Babes" Award is about recognising women in IT who run multi million dollar technology businesses. They are the creators and innovators and by so doing have achieved financial success and are living their life dreams and helping transform the lives of others. The "IT's Million $ Babes" Award demonstrates that entrepreneurial spirit is alive and well in smart technology savvy women. The key criteria are:

  • The business must at a minimum be 50% owned by the female nominated.
  • The females nominated must be the entrepreneurs behind the business (not hired staff) they are to be the producers responsible for innovation, creation and transformation
  • The business must have a revenue per annum of at least $1 million dollars, or to have raised > $1 million in investment funds.
  • The business is to be classified as technology or technology services based eg: software development, software testing, web enterprises, databases, project management, recruitment, training, consulting.

About IT's Million $ Babes Innovator: The innovator is Sonja Bernhardt (Gold Coast – Qld) the person behind the recent Global “Doing IT Around the World ( initiative that works to address the skills shortage, and the innovator of the controversial Screen Goddess IT Calendar (2006-2007) ( that globally ignited hotly debated discussions about women and technology.

Sonja Bernhardt is arguably the highest profile woman in technology in Australia. She stands out from the crowd as a visionary, a leader and a doer. A person who is not afraid to stand proud in the face of controversy to achieve her values and to passionately spread the word about IT. IT's Million $ Babes Award is proudly sponsored by roarz computing ( and i.on my business (

Sonja Bernhardt
P: 0755028236
M: 0416248236


New awards recognise multi-million $ female-owned technology businesses.



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