Sunday, October 24th, 2010

Sydney, Australia – A new hand-finished “cherry” coloured ZeroJapan teapot will be available in Australia for Christmas as the perfect gift for any tea lover.



The attentive design detail of the ZeroJapan teapot reflects its heritage in the home of the Japanese tea ceremony, with each spout hand-finished and every pot personally checked by Koji Innoue, the founder of Zero Japan.

More than 20 years ago, Koji Innoue dreamed of a range of teapots that would blend function, design and creativity when he was working for a large porcelain manufacturer in Japan, and so created Zero Japan: a teapot range which infuses Japanese ancient tradition with modern design.

Zero Japan considers even the smallest details so each teapot will be both a pleasure to look at and to use. Each lip is hand-finished to ensure tea is poured into the cup – and does not drip on the table.

The stainless steel lid is both striking and practical – it won’t break or slip off when pouring. Beneath the lid is a stainless steel infuser which, after your first cup, keeps the tea leaves clear of the water, to prevent over brewing, ensuring every cup will taste as fresh as the first.

What makes a gift truly special is the spirit with which it is given - what it says about someone, and the relationship you share with them. Find the perfect gift with Zero Japan - a teapot which reflects something about the recipient. With a range of shapes, sizes, finishes and more than 40 colours to choose from, there is a Zero Japan teapot that will strike just the right moment to suit just the right person. With sleek, smooth, modern finishes or intricate crackle finishes, clean lines which form organic, round shapes – all teapots have the Zero Japan essence.

Stand out. Make a meaningful recommendation, for a meaningful gift.

Price and availability

The new cherry coloured ZeroJapan teapots have a RRP $39.95 for the 350ml and $44.95 for the 450ml (including GST). New website launching in November.

Contact Profile

Alana Fletcher, PR & Communications Manager, Peter McInnes Pty Ltd – the Australian distributor of ZeroJapan

P: 1800 990 990
M: 0400 158 019


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