Saturday, October 16th, 2010
AUSTRALIAN-based school communication company MGM Wireless Ltd. (ASX:MWR) today announced the availability of significant, world first innovation in the delivery of SMS messaging services to Parents and School communities.

The new platform, released under MGM's School News ChannelTM brand, is specifically targeted at Parents and the wider School community, allowing these consumer groups direct on-line access to a feature rich selection of SMS messaging communications services from their school.

With School News ChannelTM (SNC), Parents and other school community users, via the SNC website can request, activate and configure their SMS School SMS service anytime on-line - without the need to directly involve their School. The operation of the School News Channel service is funded by users incurring a micro-fee directly on their mobile phone account from their service provider, resulting in no communication costs for Schools.
The system can seen at


News Facts

  • SMS Social Networking. School News ChannelTM features a world first SMS Social Networking innovation, allowing Parents to invite other family members and special friends to join and receive SMS reminders regarding important school event and safety alerts affecting their child. Ideally suited for Grandparents and other special family members who increasingly play an important role in modern family lives - SNC enables these groups to keep connected and engaged to the student's school life by receiving important school information in a timely manner.


  • Separated Parents. For the first time, Separated Parents - which today comprise of approximately 35% of all Australian school families - will be able to, without the need to seek the prior approval from their former partners, activate an SMS service on-line to receive SMS alerts regarding important school event reminders, attendance and safety alerts. This new feature enables estranged Separated Parents to continue participating in their child's life by continuous being automatically informed and reminded of all important events in their child's life.


  • Privacy and Security. School News ChannelTM uses the proven backend technology infrastructure currently used by over 580 Australian schools as well as Education Departments in Western Australia, New South Wales and New Zealand, all of which has been tested and verified for compliance with all Privacy and Child Safety Legislation, ensuring family information is protected. The process of establishing on-line identity of Parents utilises MGM technology to match identification credentials provided by the Parent online directly with records held at the school - with the final decision being made by school staff.

How it works.

  • Parents using the School News ChannelTM web site request the service online. If the school already has MGM products installed, the Parent will be able to securely login, select and active their service type. If the school doesn't currently have an MGM solution, the School will need to install a School News ChannelTM plug-in , which are currently available for over 47 existing School Database and Management systems. SMS messages for important school events reminders, attendance and safety will then be automatically generated by School News Channel and sent to Parents.


  • Parents incur a micro-fee directly on their mobile phone account according to service. Currently, two service types are offered, an all inclusive service call Family-Link which includes SMS alerts for all school, attendance and safety events for $ 3.75 per month, or a service to receive attendance and safety SMS only for $ 1.75 per SMS called Safety-Link. For Schools, the fee is between $ 2 and $ 7 per student per annum, depending on the School News ChannelTM modules options selected and there is no cost for the School to send or receive SMS messages.


  • The release of School News Channel sets the stage for a change and accelerated uptake of SMS communication services in school communities. The educational, safety and student welfare, benefits of MGM SMS messaging services has been well established. Parental acceptance and use of the systems is overwhelmingly strong and positive, but until now, the decision to offer these systems has been primarily made by School Leaders. In some cases, schools have shown a reluctance to implement, citing reasons such as loss of direct personal contact with parents and operational costs (despite the proven strong payback and cost savings to schools). School News Channel introduces a new paradigm - providing a way of enabling Parents and school communities to directly request, use and pay for school SMS services.
    School News Channel also breaks new ground as being the first, large scale SMS consumer service that is not entertainment or competition based. The Mobile Telecommunication Industry has been searching for services offering valuable mobile content of this type for many years - as it's been a long held belief that they could be large revenue earners.

Patent & IP Protection

  • School News Channel extensively utilises the company's msgPoolTM micro billing technology - which the company announced in November 2009. Throughout the processes of designing and inventing the msgPool technology, the company engaged and sought the advice of leading Australian Patent Attorneys and IP Solicitors to prepare and lodge applications to give priority for worldwide patents for msgPoolTM, student attendance and school micro-billing services, all other key aspects and ongoing refinements of this new technology and method. Initial Patent applications were lodged in July 2009 with additional subsequent patents lodged since then. Some applications have since been granted. The company believes it is in a strong position to be able to protect its innovation and commercial rights with msgPoolTM and and America use Messageyou software in their day to day operations

Contact Profile

Mark Fortunatow, Chairman and CEO

P: +61 8 8104 9555
M: +61 421 328 984


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