Wednesday, October 20th, 2010

Consumers are voting en masse; with their ‘clicks’, by purchasing traditional car insurances in the comfort of their home, away from the pressure environment of the car purchase.

POMI - has taken the idea of buying car insurance online a step further; by offering a suite of products that include Extended Warranties, Gap Insurance, Depreciation Insurance, and 24 Hour Roadside Assist.

With the sanctuary of the internet; it is 85% of women who are making the purchase decision of all new cars bought, driving the trend.

Until now more than 90% of consumers who finance their car through a dealership or with a finance broker include at least one or two of these products as part of their finance contract. Consumers who purchase their car with a personal loan from the bank quite often miss out all together.

The speed at which cars depreciate and by adding these products to the car loan, consumers can easily find themselves in a ‘Minus Equity’ or ‘Upside Down’ position which makes their next vehicle purchase more difficult.

With the ‘Rolling Over’ of the ‘Minus equity’ into a new loan; the chances are that you know someone who is paying for a car that is worth less than they owe on their loan contract.

According to founder of Peter Law; the trend is not surprising.

“Cars and Car loans are not gender or age specific when things decide to go wrong. Breakdown and Accidents are common whoever owns the car and while we can’t control breakdowns, POMI can help minimize financial damage by offering our products away from car loans direct to consumers”.

Be sure to ask about the innovative 'Warranty Renewal' option available for cars that have run out of their New Car Warranty.

All products are available to be purchased ‘up front’ or; for example you can ‘pay off’ a 5 year warranty through the POMI 12 month payment option which allows consumers the 'Peace Of Mind' of instant cover.

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POMI is Australia’s Only website that offers: Gap Insurance, Motor Warranties for Dealer Purchases, Motor Warranties for Private Sale Purchases, Motor Warranties for Auction Purchases, Motor Warranties for 'Grey Imports', Motor Warranty Renewal for all Vehicle ages, Vehicle Replacement Insurance and Australia Wide 24 Hour Roadside Assist, all offered via the Internet.

POMI is committed to offering quality products at the cheapest prices.

Welcome to POMI – Peace Of Mind Insurance.

Peter Law
P: 03 9690 0303
M: 0412 265 095


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