Monday, October 18th, 2010
When you decide to go for the hosting of your site, you will naturally be confused, especially if you are not a technical person. With so many service providers and an unending range of packages, what do you choose? You can go for those big shots, but then, they might not be within your budget. Then, there’s the dilemma of opting for a not-so-popular company, which might prove to be unreliable. So, what do you do? Well, if you keep some very basic things in mind, you will not find it very difficult to pick the most feasible option for your business.

First and foremost, you should find out everything about the package that is being offered to you. Bandwidth and storage are two extremely essential aspects that will ultimately determine the kind of web hosting you choose. If you have plans of any major expansions in the near future, make sure you opt for a package that gives you more storage.

Technical support is another crucial aspect that you should definitely look into when you scout for the best website hosting company for your business. The average query resolution time of the support team should be 5-10 minutes. Also, communication is very important in this regard. If the support executives are not able to explain their points clearly, there is certainly something wrong with their communication skills.

Domain name registration, one of the crucial starting points of an online business, is also something you should be clear about before finalizing your website hosting deal. Find out if the hosting company will register your domain name and how much time it will take. Also, make sure you are clear about the costs involved; some companies register domain names as part of the package, whereas others charge for it separately.

Whatever kind of web hosting you choose, ultimately, the onus of managing the functions of your website falls on you. Therefore, it is important that you are provided with a control panel that is user-friendly and easy to use even for a non-technical person. Also, find out about the kind of firewalls, hardware and software is being used for security of the server and the data therein.

Once you are clear about all the above mentioned points, shortlist the best candidates and then proceed with your selection. Budget and specific requirements should be the two most important deciding factors. If you are looking for a reliable and cost-effective web hosting service in Australia, go for Aussie Web Host, one of the most trusted website hosting companies in the country.

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