Tuesday, October 12th, 2010

Adelaide, SA, October, 2010-- Adelaide-based multimedia company, Enabled Solutions, is potentially the most prolific iPhone developer in Australia as of October 2010, approximately two years after the first iPhone was released in Australia.

Director of Enabled, Grant Hull, said: “As far as we are aware, no one in Australia has developed more iPhone apps than we have. Our clients are constantly impressed by the size and diversity of our portfolio.”

Enabled’s first iPhone app, Newton’s Cradle Classic, was one of the earlier apps to be developed in Australia, and quickly became the second top free app globally. Since then, they have developed a further 18 iPhone apps, which have been downloaded by millions from around the world.

“Commercial demand for iPhone app development started off slowly, but has since taken off,” Grant said. “In the last year, we’ve almost doubled the size of our team, and business is still picking up. At the moment we have a further seven iPhone apps in the works and more enquiries besides.”

Enabled have developed iPhone apps for television shows, charities, worldwide events, pure entertainment, education, functional apps for businesses, and more, working for both clients and their own IP. But their unique position isn’t only in the number and diversity of their apps, Enabled also have a different background to most.

“Before iPhones existed, we were already helping brands and businesses engage, inform, educate, entertain, and persuade audiences through websites, video, and online games. Having been around for ten years now, we have always been interested in interaction and new technology, so the iPhone, and other touch platforms like interactive whiteboards, have been a natural expansion of this.”

So while Enabled possibly the most prolific iPhone developer in Australia, iPhone development is only one part of their cross-platform offering and overarching purpose. “We do far more than just iPhone apps; from websites, SEO, and television commercials, through to programs for interactive whiteboards and touch-responsive advertising for digital signage. In fact, with statistics suggesting that the internet is now accessed more through mobile devices than desktop platforms, a big growth area in our traditional business has been designing and transforming websites to be mobile compatible.”

When asked if being bigger gave them an advantage over other iPhone developers, Grant said, “As the saying goes, it’s not necessarily the size that counts. I believe our real advantage comes from the breadth of our expertise.”

“iPhone developers that come from a mobile background have little, if any, experience in rich media and interactivity because until now, mobiles had very basic graphics and functions," he went on to explain. "But the iPhone is more like a computer than a mobile. Other iPhone developers have entered with no industry background at all. So our cross-platform experience, with a long history of interactivity, rich media, and engagement, means we approach iPhone apps differently.”

For additional information on Enabled or iPhone and iPad development, please contact Grant Hull or visit www.enabled.com.au. You can also follow Enabled’s iPhone app action on Twitter at enabledgames.

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Enabled Solutions Pty Ltd

Enabled are a cross-platform digital media production company - taking brands, content and experiences to the next level of interactive engagement. As touch, web and video experts, Enabled work with clients to reach new potential by diversifying their promotion and distribution platforms, and increasing the effectiveness of their current ones. In operation for over 10 years, Enabled works with many leading agencies and production companies, as well as working directly with clients on a state, national and international basis.

As a measure of their success, Enabled’s online strategies have been recognised by various awards, and their iPhone applications have been downloaded by millions around the world.
Grant Hull
P: 08 8272 6658
W: www.enabled.com.au


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