Monday, October 18th, 2010
If you want supercar performance for your Holden Commodore 6.0 and 6.2-litre then you need one of the brand new ENFORCER ‘E'series twin-screw superchargers from Yella Terra.

The twin-screw ENFORCER range of supercharger kits for the VE series Holden will be released on the market in the first week of November 2010 and are set to revolutionize  the Holden LS performance market with their three Whipple Based blowers ranging from mild to wild with their entry level 2.4 litre displacement, the E series entry point 2.9 litre and the wild 3.4 litre  units for race/strip applications, all fitting neatly under the factory VE bonnet.

Strictly for the motoring enthusiast, at entry level extracting over 60% more power from the stock Holden L98 and LS3 engine. This is the largest, most powerful, most efficient kit available, which will eclipse any other supercharger product on the market.

Yella Terra and Whipple  Industries the pioneers and leaders of twin-screw supercharging  have  come  together  to  develop, test  and  introduce onto the  market their race bred  precision performance products. The Enforcer ‘E'series  comes in two flavours, the stealth looking Street range and muscle looking, Race range. Both 2.9L superchargers manage an unprecedented 99% volumetric efficiency and unmatched power levels overshadowing other similar products previously available.

The power potential unleashed is backed up by massive oversized air-to-water single and dual manifold intercooler cores  which produce unmatched  cooling  capacity to allow astounding boost and performance.

Low  profile and front  driven not only do the Enforcer ‘E'series blowers look extremely  neat, tidy and efficient  under the  bonnet, they also eliminate  the inherited restrictions and limitations of other brands. As Head of Yella Terra Product development Matt Smith explains, "We start where the others drop off and that is the Yella Terra guaranteed difference. This kit will produce more power per pound of boost then any other kit on the Aussie market. This is clearly a brand new design developed right here in Australia through the engineering facilities of Yella Terra the leaders of Australian performance products for over 45 years."

Not only do you have the engineering know-how and local warranty of an Australian manufacturer but also the service, performance  and  reliability  of  a top quality true bolt on performance supercharger kit capable of delivering over 400+ rear wheel kilowatts.

If you want unsurpassed neck snapping performance for your VE Holden in a one stop modification, this is it. There are no other equivalent products that can out blow the Enforcer Range.

The Enforcer ‘E'series Superchargers will very shortly become  a household  icon with Holden V8 owners. Don't just  dream - Experience  the power, torque and seamless  acceleration of a great  drive brought to you by the original and  best race  bred performance  product  development company in this  country, Yella Terra.

The complete bolt on ENFORCER ‘E'series 2.9L intercooled kits will retail from around $12,500AUD.

For Further details ring Yella Terra Australia 03 9555 5522 or email [email protected]


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Yella Terra provide high quality performance parts to enhance engine performance for motor sport enthusiasts in Australia, USA, the UK and worldwide for over 45 years . The brand has been extremely successful in motorsport and Yella Terra products are recognized as the best available. We offer some 500 individual products, from roller rockers and alloy cylinder heads through to flywheels, air induction systems and supercharger kits.

Yella Terra leads the automotive aftermarket industry in the supply of hi-performance engine parts for street cars, drag racing and track racing in Australia, the USA, UK and worldwide. Yella Terra's focus on continual improvement through motor sport involvement keeps us in pole position.

Today, Yella Terra leads the way in supercharger development with its strong association with Whipple Industries USA.

Matt Smith
P: 03 9555 5522

Whipple Industries

Whipple Industries, the leader in supercharging performance with industry leading technology, developed this bolt-on system for optimum performance and reliability unmatched by any competitor. With the Whipple twin-screw supercharger, boost is instant allowing for more low-end torque and incredible throttle response. Power from idle to redline, a unique feature only available to the Whipple Charger. With incredible reliability and fuel economy in mind, Whipple implemented a specially designed air-bypass system that allows the SC to only take approx. 1hp to operate under cruising conditions. This equates into incredible fuel mileage and unsurpassed reliability. Each system offers up to 50% increase in power, while still maintaining unsurpassed reliability and low noise levels. No one in the world combines so much quality and technology into a complete bolt on and simple to install supercharger system then Whipple Superchargers. While others claim, Whipple delivers!

Matt Smith
P: 03 9555 5522


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