Thursday, October 14th, 2010

Chicago, Illinois – The South Central Connecticut Regional Water Authority (SCCRWA), headquartered in New Haven (CT), has awarded the project team of Tata & Howard, Inc. and Optimatics the second phase of a three-phase project to improve reliability and redundancy in its core surface water-supplied system.

SCCRWA serves nearly 440,000 people in over 15 communities throughout the greater New Haven area. The system includes numerous large and small pressure zones, brought together as it grew in size over the years. In order to strengthen its delivery operations and provide reliable and redundant supply in the event of a planned or emergency outage, SCCRWA aims to combine several of its service areas into a common gradient and determine the least-cost, hydraulically-viable system improvements needed to achieve this.

This project builds on work led by Tata & Howard in Phase 1, including an update of SCCRWA’s hydraulic model and development and refinement of a baseline solution. Optimatics will now apply its proprietary optimization technology and options analysis experience to the redundancy problem. A wide range of outage scenarios will be simulated. Transmission, storage, and supply improvements will be evaluated under projected 2030 average day and maximum day demand conditions, making sure that agreed-upon system criteria for service pressure, storage tank level, tank turnover, and water age are satisfied.

Five distinctly different least-cost solutions will be developed for review by SCCRWA and the project team in the interim stage of the optimization analysis. A refined, final recommended solution will then be developed using options analysis and the optimization tool. The final solution will satisfy SCCRWA’s goals and criteria and enable it to successfully combine and operate its key pressure zones at least-cost. The components of the final solution will be prioritized so SCCRWA can implement the recommendations over time while gaining the greatest return on its capital improvement investment.

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