Wednesday, December 21st, 2005

Adelaides Connecting Up conference, which brings together community organisations, governments and business to talk about digital divide issues, is attracting a growing number of international speakers. Hosted by nonprofit Community Information Strategies Australia (CISA), the event is now in its third year and is attracting speakers from the UK, US, South Africa and New Zealand. CISA CEO, Doug Jacquier, says: There are some outstanding community technology projects that we need to learn from overseas but what were also finding is that other countries are watching our developments with increasing interest.
Both the Commonwealth Government (through the Department of Communications, IT and the Arts - DCITA) and the State Government (through the Department of Families and Communities and the Department of Further Education, Employment, Science and Technology - DFEEST) have come in solidly behind the Connecting Up conferences and the issues being raised there. In fact DCITA have just called a tender to to develop a model for a National Nonprofit ICT Coalition (NNIC), along similar lines to the nonprofit ICT Hub in the UK, which has attracted significant government investment. Business trying to crack the large nonprofit market in Australia (which represents just under 5% of Australias GDP) has also come in behind with in-kind and cash sponsorships.
Connecting up 06 will be held in Adelaide on May 1 and 2 and is expected to attract delegates from all over Australia around the theme of Changing Your World with Technology - the Digital means to the Social End. Presentations and workshops will cover everything from new phenomena like blogging and cheap Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone calls through to programs to increase the IT skills and knowledge of people in disadvantaged communities and better ways to fundraise online. Its now become a permanent diary date for nonprofits in Australia who understand what powerful impacts the smart use of IT can have on their bottom line, as well as their ability to communicate with the people they serve and the general public Mr Jacquier said. Whether your world is a neighbourhood or a nation, digital technologies are having a major impact on bringing about change for the better in our communities.

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SA IT event grabs international attention


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