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What is the best way to use Australian bank account services without having big travel costs?

Why do you even consider opening a bank account in Australia in the usual way - which is to travel to Sydney or Melbourne spending thousands of dollars? Want a better way to be able to use Australian banking services? Use Technocash Retail Account.
No need to open a bank account in Australia to gain access to excellent banking services for sales and trade. Save money and thousands of dollars on travel, accommodation and save time. The best way to access extensive financial services is to open a Technocash Retail Account.

Collect Money from Australian customers

Collect money from customers easily in AUD $ with financial services like internet banking or over the counter deposits. A Technocash Retail Account is better than only opening one bank account. This is because Technocash provides you with the benefit of accessing a wide range of different bank services. So why only have one bank account when you can have a Technocash Retail Account to access a range of services provided to Technocash by a number of major Australian banks. Use over 3,300 Australia Post branches to have customers send you money all around Australia. There is no need to open an Australian bank account for you to access Australia Post services through Technocash.

Simple Ways to Pay Australian businesses easily

Make payments to any customer’s bank account in Australia for much cheaper than a wire transfer. This is excellent for import/export business or any business trading. Make payments using local bank account services provided by your Technocash Retail Account because that is the level of service you deserve.

Pay bills and credit cards in Australia conveniently and cost effectively through Technocash saving you money and time.

How can you do these transactions at home or anywhere in the World?

Your Technocash Retail account is online so you do everything over the internet  from your office or any where in the world - how easy is that!

Send Funds Home - Easier and Better than Wire Transfers

Technocash has access to NZ banking services so it is easier, faster and cheaper to send money home to your NZ bank account via Technocash.

What about other Currencies?

Excellent question. A major benefit of Technocash is that as a business you can hold and deal with all major currencies - USD, GBP, EUR, Yen.. as well as AUD and of course NZD.

You can hold and convert from one currency to another instantly in a Technocash Retail account for a modest fee.


"Technocash is a very responsive online payment processing service provider. The number of questions we had about payments never went unanswered!"
Dailyallure - eBay Power Seller

"Technocash is a wonderful company for our online businesses, their staff are so helpful and provide speedy and professional customer services!"

When is the Best time to Get Started?

The best time to get started is now. To see the benefits of a Technocash online Retail Account just apply and avoid the problems of travelling to Australia to open a bank account. The application fee is just NZD $295 and no monthly account fees which is a huge saving of money over a whole year.

So avoid the cost and trouble of travelling and save your time with a Technocash Retail account.

Apply Now

See our website for terms and conditions including fees outlined in the product disclosure statement. Technocash Limited is licensed by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission.

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TECHNOCASH offers clients the ability to hold real cash funds in their own account - a valuable feature is the ability to hold many different currencies in your account at one time. You can use standard worldwide banking services to load funds into your TECHNOCASH account. Don't open multiple international currency accounts! Just get a TECHNOCASH Global FX Account.
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