Friday, October 8th, 2010
On 1 October 2010, Pactel International announced a successful implementation of their DVB-S2 platform to provide internet radiocast service to the Cook Island’s leading bilingual radio station, Matariki FM. This service allows listeners to access Matariki FM from any part of the world, so Cook Islanders now have access to their native news and music, being miles away from home.

Being a bilingual radio station, with broadcasting services in Cook Islands Maori and English; Matariki FM is the only radio station streaming reliably and consistently from the Cook Islands to a wide variety of audience.

With approximately 90% of Cook Islanders living outside their native land, it became very important for Matariki FM to have the ability to stream local news and Polynesian Music (predominantly Cook Islands and Tahitian) to every part of the world. This would also allow intending visitors and tourists to sample a bit of the Cook Islands’ culture.

Pactel International was able to respond to Matariki FM’s demand by providing an internet radiocast service. This service is now uplinked on GE-23 KU-Band platform from Rarotonga, Cook Islands and down linked in Pactel’s hub in Hawaii, allowing for the radio station to be listened to via internet from any part of the world. Andrew Taylor, CEO of Pactel International said: “We are pleased to provide this service to Matariki FM to allow them to take their listening audience from the Cook Islands to the rest of the world. Many Cook Islanders who reside in New Zealand, Australia and elsewhere can now hear live streaming of their Number 1 radio station.”

William Framhein, Director of Matariki FM thanked Pactel International for helping their radio station reach new horizons: “We are pleased with Pactel’s professional and timely approach in providing this new service to us. Our listeners from all over the world can now enjoy news and music streaming live from Rarotonga, Cook Islands. Furthermore we hope to extend our services to video streaming, which will allow our audience watch us live in real time.” “Pactel International is well-known for their customised approach and flexibility. Therefore, we have no doubt they will be able to respond to our growing demand in the future”, Mr Framhein added.

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Pactel International

Pactel International is a privately held Australian Satellite Communications company with its directors having more than 25 years of experience in the satellite and telecommunications industry.

Pactel International focuses on satellite telecommunications and broadcast services within the Asia-Pacific Region. The Company implements fully customized solutions to match their customers’ specific telecommunications needs; from point to point links through to fully managed networks — all receive the highest quality service at extremely competitive rates.

With the head office in Sydney, Australia, and regional offices in the Pacific Islands, Pactel International offers support to all of their customers who live and work in similar time zones. Pactel International works closely with their customers and adopts a hands-on approach during the design, implementation, and delivery of all solutions.
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Matariki FM

Matariki FM commenced broadcasting in June 2007 and is the only FM radio station with full coverage of Rarotonga on the following frequencies; Matavera to Black Rock 96.7, BlackRock to Tikioki on 91.9 and from Tikioki to Matavera on 99.9

Although Matariki FM is predominantly and parochially native, its magazine style format is bilingual; that is the Rarotonga Cook Islands Maori language and English.

Whilst Matariki FM is very informative and entertaining, it believes in nurturing the Cook Islands Maori language and protecting the intellectual property rights of Cook Islanders.

The music accompaniment is predominantly Cook Islands and Tahitian but other Pacific Islands music are played such as Samoan, Niuean, Tongan, Tokelauan, Solomon, Kanak, Hawaiian, Papua New Guinean and New Zealand Maori.



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