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Whether from a virus, hacking or simply a fire or flood or other act of nature- there may come a time when you will experience a catastrophic loss of computer data. We will help you be properly prepared to recover and get back to business as quickly as possible.

Computer network setup and Network Disaster Recovery is sometimes overlooked for software and database systems - until it is too late. Have you ever thought how your business would function if the computer systems and software vanished - it happens to someone every day. The Ever Growing Challenges of Data Storage is an article about the issues with storing, maintaining, backing up and recovering data on today's massive storage media.

Computer network security or Network Disaster Recovery is the process or set of steps initiated to bringing back to life and good health or replacing any beyond repair computers and networks and reinstalling all software and data so that all the computers or networks effected by the disaster are brought back to as near the state they were in before the disaster as possible.

The concept of having a computer disaster recovery plan was first mooted in the 70s as a result of several things that happen around that time – such as:

a) The computer was seen as the new way of doing business – it was fast, super efficient, did the work of several employees and occupied less space.
b) A business enterprise that used computers was seen as more efficient.
c) Business enterprises went on a computer buying spree.
d) Computer hardware in the 70’s to mid 80’s was very unreliable in that crashes due to hardware or software failure was frequent.
e) Computer data stored on disks or tapes occupied less space than traditional files and ledgers. As a result, many business houses began to do away with traditional means of recording data and some even advertised themselves as “paper less officeâ€

Computer center managers therefore realized that it was only a matter of time before some disaster or the other (such as floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes or fires) destroyed the computers and the data with it. The realization made them formulate various computer and Computer Disaster Recovery plans and over a period of time, the procedures were perfected and the following general steps were adopted while setting up a Disaster recovery plan:

1. Create a written business continuity plan i.e. in the event of a computer / business disaster; what steps should be taken so as to quickly get back to steam from same or different business location.

2. Assign roles and responsibilities to your staff as well as service providers such as your IT & Networking Support Company

3. Create a second tier management group. When disaster strikes, sometimes the personnel in charge of disaster recovery might not be available (due to injuries in a fire or earthquake). There should therefore be a second tier of trained personnel ready to take over the responsibilities.

4. Identify a location for storing your backup data and also for restarting your business. Business establishments often rent out a decent warehouse for just such purpose. Digital and non-digital backup data is stored here in secure fire-proof cabinets. An office layout plan is made and kept ready. In the event of a disaster, all that is required is to rent out / buy furniture and equipment and set it up – a process that might take three days or less.

5. Have your IT & network management consulting company draw and implement a data backup plan for your company.

6. If you company is a medium to large business establishment, consider hiring a disaster recovery consultant for planning and implementing an appropriate disaster recovery plan.

8. Run a mock drill. It is a good idea to run a mock drill once a year. Go through it completely including hiring furniture, equipment, telephone and internet lines. It will give you a real idea of how effective your disaster recovery plan is and how it can be improved and the costs involved.

Network support solutions, network or business disaster recovery is easily possible if you have a disaster recovery plan in place. Lack of any such plan will lead to expensive delays in restarting your office and attempting to recover data from burnt/ destroyed/corrupted hardware. The cost of creating a disaster recovery plan is a tiny fraction compared to the cost of not having one in place. For more information, please call BEL Network Integration & Support, LLC (BELNIS) at (804) 796-2631.

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