Monday, October 18th, 2010
New South Wales, August 6, 2010: The world of Google AdWords is about to change and SEO Services Australia is there to help you capitalise on this positive development. Search engine giant, Google, has recently reformed its policy for advertisers in many countries, permitting them to both bid on trademarked keywords and also use these within their ad text in some cases.

As per terms of the new AdWords policy, online businesses can leverage their PPC campaign by including trademarked terms in their adverts in certain special cases, when:

• The advertiser uses the term in a descriptive or generic way and not in reference to the goods and services offered
• The advertiser uses ads that use the trademark in a nominative manner to refer to the trademark or its owner. In such a scenario,
• The advertiser’s website should be promoting resale of the trademarked goods and services.
• The advertiser should be selling products that are either components or replacement parts for the trademarked brand
• The advertiser should be an informational site (the company cannot be selling the trademark owner or a competitor's product/service)

This development is highly beneficial for online department stores and affiliate sites. Before this change, they were allowed to use only generic terms, but now they will be able to show specific adverts, using specific terms. This is also likely to mean better CTR (click through rates), thereby leading to a higher quality score. Consequently advertising on Google AdWords would seem a lot more affordable.

This policy change will, in all likelihood, have a large impact on brand cost in industries such as finance, travel, and electronics. For example, when a user searches for the term ‘ipod’, he will see listings that include iPod sellers and accessory vendors, and not just the original trademark owner.

At SEO Services Australia, we have a team of PPC experts who are well versed with the bidding business at Google AdWords. Goaded by this development, we will be able to offer our clients with the opportunity to provide their target users with more relevant information, choice and options while respecting the interests of trademark owners.

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