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Tips to Stop the Top Self Esteem Destroyer – Cold Sores

Even if you’ve never had a cold sore you probably know someone close to you who has. A cold sore is rarely an enjoyable experience and can easily lower a person’s self-esteem.

Here we list some practical actions and tips to put a person’s cold sore fears to rest.

Remember: cold sores are completely normal

If you ever get a cold sore try to remember that you are not being singled out and are far from being alone. It may not feel like it when you experience one, but more people are affected by cold sores than are not! Over 70% of Australian adults are infected with the cold sore virus and of these, more than a third will experience a cold sore that comes back. Talk to your friends and family and ask them if they’ve ever had a cold sore, you might be surprised at how common they actually are.

Don’t be embarrassed about something that’s not your fault
If you had tonsillitis or a cold would you feel embarrassed? Cold sores are an infection too and there is no special type of person who gets them. There is certainly no need to be ashamed by a cold sore, no more than you would be ashamed by having any other infection or virus. Remember though to take precautions to protect the people around you from catching one too. You can do this by doing things like not sharing drinks, food, make-up, cutlery, or any objects that may have touched the active cold sore infection whenever you notice signs or symptoms of a cold sore.

Cold sores are spread by direct contact with the infection while it is on the skin’s surface. This could include skin-to-skin contact such as kissing or occasionally it could include contact with an object that has touched the cold sore - such as a drinking glass or lip-gloss. If an object happens to make contact with a cold sore, be mindful not to let anyone use the item until it has been cleaned.

Help the cold sore go away quickly
Usually the biggest problem with a cold sore is how it looks and feels. If you can remedy the visible blisters and make them go away in a minimum amount of time you will be well on your way to looking and feeling your best again. To make a big problem a much smaller one, try applying the new cold sore product Dynamiclear Rapid® which helps to heal the symptoms rapidly in just one application (saving you from having to constantly reapply a treatment)and is now available in leading pharmacies.

Take advantage of the time-out
If nothing you have gets rid of that cold sore in a flash and you still feel like hiding from the world then sometimes a day indoors can be the best course of action. If you decide to lay low try to use the space wisely and spend it doing things that will make you feel better or rewarded. You could catch up on tasks you’ve been putting off, write an email to a friend or get creative in a craft or project that you’ve wanted to do for ages. Sometimes a good old-fashioned DVD with popcorn is equally as effective. It is not every day that we get time to ourselves away from friends and strangers, so enjoy it if you can!

Chat with other people who understand what you’re going through
It can be refreshing to talk with someone who knows exactly what a cold sore feels like or to get advice from someone who has been there before, and an online chat room is one way to do this. There are all kinds of support groups and chat sites, including ones that specifically cater for people with cold sores.

Take steps to help prevent the cold sore from coming back
The last thing you need is a cold sore that comes back again and again. If this is happening to you have a look at your diet and lifestyle to see if you can make any improvements that will help your body better fight the infection. For a free copy of the comprehensive diet and lifestyle guide Cold Sore Free Diet Guide visit

Stress, UV sun exposure, hormones and some medications can also affect cold sore recurrences, so it is important to address these issues where you can. Changing how you react to stressful situations, using sun protection such as a hat and sunscreen and following a healthy diet are all practical ways to reduce cold sores.

Spread the word, not the cold sore...
Most people know very little about cold sores and sometimes they have pre-existing beliefs that are not always correct. The truth is, cold sores are extremely common, rarely pose any health problem and are easy not to spread with a little sense and sensibility.

Try to educate your friends and family if you have the opportunity. Let them know that cold sores are completely normal and, as long as you are responsible, there really is no need to be ashamed or fearful of something as minor as the common cold sore.

Dynamiclear Rapid® is a world first one application formula for symptomatic relief of cold sores. The actives in Dynamiclear work by penetrating the DNA of the cold sore virus, thereby inactivating and eliminating the virus on direct contact. Unlike existing cold sore products, results are seen rapidly from just one application, and there are no inconvenient repeat applications. One breakout = One application.

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