Tuesday, October 5th, 2010
Every single day typical, Australian, office workers spend at a desk, more damage is being done to their bones and muscles than is encountered by acrobats and circus performers who push their bodies to physical limits, warns Adelaide-based physiotherapist and Telstra Business Women’s Awards SA finalist, Cassandra Zaina.

“I think most people understand that the way they sit and the way they set up their workstations affects their health but they don’t understand just how much impact even small changes have on their future health – it is enormous,” says Cassandra.

“I worked intensively with performers at a large circus company in London for four years where I saw firsthand how even small alterations in technique and positioning can be the difference between shin splints and neck problems or good health.

“In a way, circus performers are better off because the gruelling nature of their work means you see repercussions immediately. The great danger ordinary Australians face is that the payback from our bodies for our poor posture and working conditions won’t fully be experienced for decades, so we become complacent.

“However, if people could see what future of pain and incapacity they are creating for themselves just because of simple things like desk height and sitting position, they would respond in panic and make changes immediately. And the five simplest changes office workers can make are:
1. Support the small of your back
2. Keep your keyboard close
3. Keep your mouse close
4. Adjust your monitor height so you look directly at the toolbar
5. Change position regularly through pause exercises

“I am hoping to win the award this Friday night so that I can draw attention to these issues and help people live longer, healthier and happier lives, whether or not they become part of our practice at North Adelaide,” she said.


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Prevent is a physiotherapy practice focused on personalised wellness programs for individuals and companies. Prevent employs a Masters level physiotherapy team who share a vision for injury prevention and wellness. It was founded in 2004 by Cassandra Zaina, upon her return to Adelaide from placement work with Harley Street specialists in London and a four-year stint leading a team of four physiotherapists at London's New Millennium Experience Company (a company of 167 circus performers).
Cassandra Zaina
P: 0421 998 988
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