Monday, May 9th, 2016

“This will be an exciting first of many campaigns to follow for us," Mrs Debbie Robinson, the president of ALA, said on Sunday, while distributing campaign fliers with party members in suburban Perth. "With the reduced Senate quota this year, we expect our Senate candidates to do really well. Our party will contest Senate seats in most states and also a small number of lower house seats.” 

The ALA’s national secretary, Mr Ralf Schumann, wrote: “While this is our first contest after launching only last October, we know members and supporters are poised to establish ALA as the voice of all conservative Australians, no matter whether our collar is blue or white.  For our supporters this is not a question of right wing or left wing, we are concerned for our grandchildren and Australia. Many of our supporters are 55 years and older and we know where it hurts most/”

The party identifies an overbearing bureaucracy, big and wasteful government with self-serving career politicians, Islamisation, divisive multiculturalism, a looming jobs crisis and uncompetitive taxation, immigration policies that choke our cities but neglect rural Australia and faltering public services as the core issues for their supporters.

ALA believes that Australians have had enough of endless debates and white papers. Mr Schumann said “When politicians are too busy with their own careers, the people will take back their country. We see the same phenomenon with likeminded parties in the EU. We are encouraged by the growing support that political friends with similar values and policies receive from voters in Europe.

ALA President Debbie Robinson urges conservative voters “For Australia In 2016 Stand With Us!”

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Australian Liberty Alliance Ltd

Australian Liberty Alliance Ltd (ALA) is a national political party that is registered with the Australian Electoral Commission and now prepares to stand its first candidates at the upcoming federal election in 2016. The organisation is headquartered in Melbourne and the Constitution and Manifesto of the party are available on 

Debbie Robinson
P: 1800 188869
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