Wednesday, October 6th, 2010

All SilexSolar “SLX” series solar panels purchased from 1st October 2010 will now carry the new improved SilexSolar panel warranty of:

10 Year Limited Warranty of Materials and Workmanship
12 Year Limited Warranty of 90% of Maximum Power
25 Year Limited Warranty of 80% of Maximum Power

Warranty details can be found on the SilexSolar website

A SilexSolar spokesperson explained: “The great majority of PV panels currently on the market provide a warranty offer of : 5-12-25 year. The extended SilexSolar warranty provides our customers with a genuine high quality Australian made product, backed by a very generous warranty; one of the best in the industry."

The SilexSolar’s decision to extend its warranty is based on the following reasons:

a) Its considerable legacy expertise in solar panel manufacturing,
b) SilexSolar’s confidence in its very strenuous compliance to maintaining product standards and quality,
c) A commercial response and a point of differentiation in the warranty other solar panels.

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SilexSolar is Australia's only large scale commercial manufacturer of Solar Cells and Solar Panels, delivering a world quality product at an affordable price for both the domestic and commercial markets.

Our solar panels are perfect for home energy solutions, providing homeowners with the ability to reduce their power bills, produce green energy and save CO2 emissions.

SilexSolar photovoltaic cells are designed and built for commercial applications, and are well suited to small and large scale projects which require commercial solar panels.

The build and output quality of our panels are covered by a comprehensive warranty which provides peace of mind that there will have many years of productive solar energy output.

Proven Manufacturing Capabilities
SilexSolar’s modern solar cell and solar panel manufacturing facility is located in the heart of Sydney Olympic Park (SOP) precinct. The manufacturing plant was commissioned in 2000 and has undergone expansions and upgrades line with the latest production advancements.

World-class Expertise
SilexSolar’s organisation is world-class, the team is comprised of highly experienced and respected PV experts working across a range of disciplines from cell and panel R&D, large-scale PV commercial fabrication, PV system design, project sales and marketing.

High-End PV Cells and Panels
SilexSolar’ produces “high-performance” PV solar cells and panels on a commercial scale and at low cost using optimised processes in its mass production of cells and panels.

International Certification
SilexSolar have been internationally vertified by TÜV Rheinland Japan Ltd and has also obtained CE certification for sales to the European Economic Area.

Rod Seares or John Patel
P: +61 (2) 9704 8888


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