Friday, October 1st, 2010
South Australia’s biggest locally owned and controlled companies are beating global doldrums with the Top 100 SA Companies Index showing aggregate revenue of $21.03 billion dollars this year, versus $20.62b in 2009 and $22.6b in 2008.

The Top 100 SA Companies Index ranks the biggest locally owned or controlled enterprises in order of turnover.

in-business magazine, in partnership with the Commonwealth Bank of Australia and in collaboration with Advantage SA, announced the 2010 Top 100 SA Companies Index at a gala luncheon for 500 business leaders at the Hilton.

“This is the seventh year of the Top 100 SA Company Index and the fifth year of our memorable luncheon at the Hilton Adelaide,” says in-business publisher Graham Wakeling. “These are good numbers but the Top 100 creates the real highlights.

“In South Australia, it’s hard to believe we’ve had a global financial crisis. Aggregate sales revenue for the Top 100 dipped less than 5% since 2008. Without last year’s billion-dollar departure of ABB Grain from the list following its sale to Canada’s Viterra, and the impact this had on the combined T100 revenue, this 5% dip would not have occurred.

“The GFC was real, but it is in the past and our Top 100 CEOs only look one way: forward. Or, in some cases, fast forward. Leed Engineering has achieved 124% growth in the past 12 months. That was exceptional and while double-digit growth was not as easy to achieve last year, nine Top 100 SA companies still managed it in 2010.”

One-time senior trade negotiator Andrew L. Stoler, who is now Executive Director, Institute for International Trade at the University of Adelaide, delivered an insightful keynote analysis of what Top 100 SA companies need to do – indeed are doing – to get their products and services into global markets.

Major sponsor the Commonwealth Bank of Australia, represented by Senior Manager of Financial Markets Bruno Bellon, made the point that confidence and how to build it are the keys to enterprise development and resurgence in SA in the short term, as high value opportunities reveal themselves in a market challenged with the availability and cost of capital, increasing skill shortages and wage costs.

While there was considerable movement within the Top 100 rankings this year, the trend to improved performance was impressive. Among the top 50 enterprises, 54% have grown against the tide of economic downturn and 14% stayed steady. The remaining 32% declined in turnover.

Indicating the changing composition of SA’s economic drivers, 19% of T100 companies are from the construction industry and 24% are from the manufacturing sectors.

The Top 10 ranked enterprises are spread over six industry sectors with Technology and Viticulture no longer predominant sectors. Construction as a sector survived the recession better than expected at least at big end of town.

Companies that have ‘climbed the ladder’ include:
• T & R Pastoral from 11 to 6
• Leed Engineering from 52 to 25
• Australian Central CU from 50 to 32
• Tagara from 61 to 49
• Codan from 35 to 26
• Mossop from 55 to 47
• MC Mahon from 51 to 45
• MGA Whittles from 73 to 67

Codan was the most widespread exporter, reaching 150 countries.

Regardless of lower total revenue than 2008, the $50 million benchmark still occurs virtually unchanged at number 64; it was #65 in 2009.

Leed Engineering topped the revenue increase table, lifting turnover 124% over last year from $85million to $190m. Australian Central Credit Union was next highest at 84% on the strength of its merger with Savings & Loans. Residential and commercial builder Tagara Group jumped from $60m to $100m (67%). Codan led manufacturers with turnover jumping from $132m to $189m (43%).

In terms of contribution to employment numbers, the Top 100 major players were IGA operator, Drake Supermarkets, which added more than 900 full time equivalent employees, with BP On The Run operator, Peregrine Corporation, adding almost 500.

Meat supplier T&S Pastoral and K&S Corporation, a transport and logistics enterprise, grew from 1600 employees to 2000 and 1800 respectively.

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Top 100 SA Companies Index

This year’s Top 100 SA Companies Index is the seventh consecutive index published by South Australia in-business.

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