Wednesday, October 15th, 2008

According to a trial by medical researcher G Guttman*, approximately 80 percent of all newborns have some sort of nerve dysfunction which may lead to a number of health problems. The research attributed these problems to restrictions of the upper spine.

On World Spine Day (October 16), the Chiropractors Association of Australia South Australian branch (CAASA) highlights the impact an improperly functioning spine and nervous system can have on the health of adults and babies alike.

Caylee Trotter, a three-year-old twin from Mawson Lakes, is one such story. When she was born, Caylee weighed just 3 pounds – 4 pounds less than her twin sister Kloe. She had low muscle tone, could not suck properly and was struggling to keep her balance.

During a regular visit to her chiropractor, Dr Rebecca Rose of Gilberton, Caylee's mother, Kerry Trotter, asked if there was anything she could do to help her daughter with her balance.

Dr Rose treated Caylee with tiny adjustments to her back and feet to help restore her nervous system function. The pressure applied was very gentle, no greater than the amount of pressure comfortable on an eyeball.

“By working with Caylee, I was able to improve the overall structure and awareness of her body in space [proprioception], leading to fewer falls and much greater coordination,” says Dr Rose.

Within weeks, Caylee was walking without falling down or dropping nearly as much. Says her proud mum, “She was able to bend her knees and her general muscle tone was improving.”

Dr Rose also gave Caylee gentle cranial adjustments via the roof of her mouth and skull. “Caylee could not be breastfed and even found the bottle difficult,” Dr Rose says. “This is helping to improve the function of her skull and re-shape her cranium.”

Kerry adds: “There has been a remarkable change in Caylee’s stability. Both twins now have chiropractic check-ups on a six-weekly basis as their regular routine. Chiropractic is helping our whole family stay healthy and feel at our best.”

To find your nearest chiropractor to have your family checked on World Spine Day, call the Chiropractors Association of Australia (South Australia) on 1800 018 238.

*Guttman G. Blocked atlantal nerve syndrome in babies and infants. Manuelle Medezin. 1987;25:5-10

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Dr Zoe Love, President of the Chiropractors Association of South Australia, is available to talk about spinal health for World Spine Day, October 16.



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