Tuesday, October 5th, 2010
Print procurement via Print managers (as distinct from commercial printers) is the latest technique being adopted by organisations to drive printing costs down.

The initial scepticism equating print managers with print brokers has given way to large organisations (who typically do due diligence of cost benefit analysis thoroughly) adopting this innovation wholeheartedly. Even the Commonwealth government has recognised the benefits and for the first time in 2009 has put out tenders and appointed print managers as a supplier category distinct and separate from the category of commercial printers.

DocuSoft Solutions, an integrated supplier of Canon printing hardware and software services, has now launched its own Print Management service.

Through this service, DocuSoft intends to drive its customers’ print costs down and bring efficiency in print procurement through proprietary web based auction process for printing, print production, offshore printing, distribution and tracking, warehousing and management reporting and billing.

DocuSoft would like to thank its various customers and Canon for their enormous support over the years. We look forward to bringing the best products and services to our customers.

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DocuSoft Solutions

As Master Agents of Canon Australia, DocuSoft Solutions provides Canon products and services which cover the whole document lifecycle, from document inception, production, distribution to archival and retrieval. Canon products and services are the cutting edge in technology and help our customers improve productivity and deliver savings. It brings you these products and services in the most professional manner.
Manish Kumar
P: 02 8372 0000
W: www.docusoft.com.au


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