Tuesday, October 14th, 2008

Mobile health trailblazer Core Medical Solutions has overcome technical challenges surrounding sending large radiology files across mobile networks to launch Panavista Mobile, a first for Australian medical practitioners.

The solution, to be demonstrated to more than 800 international radiologists at the Royal Australian & New Zealand College of Radiologists Annual Scientific Meeting in Adelaide (Oct 16-19), also reduces the expense associated with sending large datasets and diagnostic-quality images over the mobile internet.

Core Medical Solutions Managing Director Dr Rohan Ward says that Panavista Mobile aims to satisfy the requirements of today’s medical practitioners for rapid information review, wherever they might be.

“The delivery of healthcare is a high-pressure environment,” Dr Ward said. “Doctors are under continual pressure to collate a wide range of patient data and images for diagnostic purposes, and provide feedback both to patients and other members of the healthcare team.

“Panavista Mobile delivers patient data and imaging at a quality that allows the medical professional to communicate seamlessly whether in his surgery or on the way to an appointment, or at the patient’s bedside, for instance in a nursing home.”

Dr Ward added that the solution is timely, with the recent influx of powerful mobile devices to the market and the immense popularity of the iPhone.

“Doctors are undoubtedly looking for new ways to benefit from exceptional quality screen sizes and mobile broadband internet – that is where Panavista Mobile comes in," Dr Ward said.

“Doctors can now quickly access a radiologist report and associated images from a device which is typically always by their side. They are no longer confined to large hospitals or to the family doctor’s desktop environment. This kind of information can be crucial in making more informed, on-the-spot decisions and helps enhance the speed of delivery and quality of patient care.”

Dr Wilfrid Jaksic, a senior South Australian haemotologist and oncologist who has been using Core Medical Solutions BOSSnet Pathology results review system on his iPhone, says that doctors need to remain connected with their patients, but already work long hours that destroy the fabled “work-life balance”.

“Now doctors can receive sometimes critical information on their phones whether in the car, at home or out to dinner, without creating massively expensive data downloads,” Dr Jaksic said. “This can provide timely information about the patient’s condition while allowing medical professionals to become more flexible and mobile in their service delivery. The aging population alone is going to demand this level of mobility by health professionals.”

Twelve months after the release of the desktop version of Panavista, Core Medical Solutions enjoys a market leading position, providing their software to around 5,000 clinicians throughout Australia. Panavista uses proprietary image compression and streaming technologies to provide rapid, secure, convenient delivery of results and images to patient management software systems used by almost every Australian medical practitioner.

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Core Medical Solutions' mobile radiology solution will be demonstrated to more than 800 international radiologists in Adelaide next week. Panavista Mobile helps increase health professionals' productivity on the move while providing timely patient care.


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