Wednesday, March 16th, 2011
The Australia China Development Company (TACDC) has urged Australian winemakers to seize the opportunities to meet high demand in China.

"We do not currently have enough clients to match demand from high volume Chinese wine buyers," said TACDC's Conan Fahey.

Fahey says that local winemakers often give up after attempting to enter the Chinese market and hitting "a wall of pleasant silence".

"They attend meetings and banquets and though they receive positive communications, they find the whole exercise goes cold.

"Doing business in China is elusive unless you have the right contacts and 'guanxi', or 'networks of influence'."

The Australia China Development Company has been operating in China for a decade and has built up considerable "guanxi" - relationships that have resulted in millions of litres sold for wine clients.

Since TACDC introduced Portavin in 2006 to the Chinese market they have sold $14m net worth of wine.

TACDC operates successfully in many sectors, including mining, sailing, events, primary resources, technology and textiles, and maintains a carefully nurtured and prestigious network of Chinese corporate and government contacts.

The primary faces of TACDC are the Hon. Chris Schacht and Conan Fahey. The Hon. Chris Schacht has visited China extensively since 1983 as both Federal Minister and Secretary of the Labour Party; representing the Australian Volleyball Association and as a successful business man. Conan Fahey has resided in China increasingly over the past decade and is Vice President of ACCCI and recently won the 2010 Council for International Trade and Commerce (SA) CITCSA Awards Outstanding Long-Term Contribution award.

Karyn Lanthois has recently joined TACDC Client Relations & Strategy Manager after 10 years of business and client management experience in mobile technology.

"This is an opportunity only for the right wine exporters who are ready to think seriously about selling large quantities of wine," Fahey says. "If your company is ready to hit the ground running you will be in an excellent position to form long-term profitable relationships with buyers."

Interested winemakers should contact Karyn Lanthois - [email protected] - to arrange a meeting with an upcoming delegation of Chinese wine buyers arriving in Australia.

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