Tuesday, September 28th, 2010
Ask any traveller what one of their biggest travel bugbears is and it’s more than likely that the dreaded airport stopover will be lurking around the top of their list.

Hanging out in airports while patiently awaiting your next flight consistently ranks as one of the worst parts of the travel experience, with every minute seeming like five when you’re stuck sitting out a long layover.

While some airports around the globe have tried to liven things up for bored travellers by offering novel activities to help them pass time - such as Gatwick Airport, who have handed out free spray tans to pasty travellers, Singapore’s Changi Airport, which boasts a four story slide and Aeroports de Paris, who once offered free dance lessons – for those of us not lucky enough to touchdown in an airport where such boredom busting activities are on the cards, don’t despair.

There are other options besides pacing up and down the terminal or trawling the duty free stores to help travellers while away the time.

Here’s leading New Zealand travel company, Adventure World’s, top tips for surviving the stopover.

Rather than passing your stopover city by, make the most of it and turn it into a mini-break by taking the opportunity to explore and enjoy the cultural, scenic or historic sights on offer in the city you’re stopping over in.

Adventure World offers a range of affordably priced stop-over packages to major stopover destinations around the globe, allowing travellers to soak in the delights of a destination in just a few days. Just the ticket for beating the stopover waiting blues, Adventure World’s stopover packages include:

Essential Dubai, a two night package priced from just NZ$460pp that provides a sampler of the delights of this modern city; Hong Kong Uncovered, a three night package priced from NZ$435pp that explores this enthralling and bustling destination, and Bangkok Stopover, a three night package, priced from $420 which takes in all the delights of Thailand’s gold swathed capital.

If you’re stopping over in Los Angeles, why not jump onto a three night LA to Grand Canyon Trek America mini adventure, which is priced from $915pp.

Get Moving
If you’ve been confined to an airline seat for hours and have another long flight ahead of you, then it’s a good idea to spend some of your transit time getting some exercise.

Walking is the most obvious option with plenty of kilometres to cover in airport terminals. If your carry-on luggage is heavy, get a luggage trolley.

Some pay-to-enter lounges also have gyms, and some even boast swimming pools, so make use of these if you can. Make sure you bring a change of clothes so that you can freshen up before your long flight.

Lounge Around
Don’t assume that airport lounges are only reserved for those travelling first and business class.

Many airports throughout the world now offer pay-to-enter lounges, giving economy class passengers access to a range of facilities including showers, snack bars, hot and cold refreshments, internet access, magazines and newspapers, all for a small one off fee.

Get some Z’s
A lot of us find it difficult to sleep when we’re 30,000 feet up in the air. If you haven’t managed to get any shut eye on your flight, catch some z's in an airport hotel or "napping lounge".

Many airport hotels offer incredibly good value for money for day stays, with some, including Narita Airport in Japan, also offering napping suites, where you can stretch out for a few hours for a nominal fee.

Chop, Chop
Have one less thing on your to do list when you get home by getting your hair cut at the airport while you wait for your flight.

A lot of airports now have hairdressers tucked in amongst their retail shops or lounges and they can usually fit you in quickly.

If you have more than a few hours to spare, you could even go for the full makeover, with many airports offering spa treatments such as manicures, pedicures and facials. Don’t forget to drop by one of the many makeup counters – the willing assistants would be more than happy to help you find a new look.

Go Surfing
If all else fails, jump online. Internet access is now available at most airports, although you sometimes have to hunt around to find it.

While lounges provide free access to those that have a lounge pass, most airports boast computer terminals in the main part of the airport, offering either free or pay as you go internet.

Make the most of your time online and send emails to your family and friends, catch up on the latest news, research your holiday destination, explore transport options for when you arrive or learn a few words of the local language of where you are going.


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