Thursday, May 5th, 2016

Holding true to their Governance, Risk Management and Compliance catch cry, ThoughtWare, the proud developers of i.on my software (, is pursuing an Australian first - certification against ISO 29110. This is the global software development quality standard for small companies.

To gain this premium certification, ThoughtWare will have its project management process and its end to end software process audited against stringent standards, showing evidence of compliance to processes such as project planning and software requirements analysis.

The reputation of ISO 29110 is growing globally as the world recognises the need for a ‘right sized’ certification for small software businesses, which enables them to retain their agility and flexibility whilst guaranteeing their quality.

Sonja BerhardtSonja Bernhardt OAM, CEO of ThoughtWare said “Our development team follows, and is regularly appraised against, the highly regarded CMMI-DEV processes, our cloud server is in an ISO 27001 accredited facility, and we are in readiness for ISO 9001, adding ISO 29110 to our processes is part of us understanding the importance of our clients being able to trust our software and its support. We know that our aged care, community care, hospital and disability clients need and expect systems which are:

robust – don’t crash

responsive – don’t hang

consistent – no unexpected results

are secure – no data losses or breaches. 

That is our overall aim. We are committed to quality, security and reliability in both software products and customer service”.

ThoughtWare is a company with a future. As we evolve our software, we are aware of the WCAG 2.0 (accessibility) needs and will be gradually enhancing more and more of our modules to meet these requirements. We also understand that ThoughtWare products will co-exist with other software, especially in the Health sector. To that end, we are members of the HL7 Australia organisation, committed to delivering interfaces, which enable speedy and straightforward integration with other products. 

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Approximately 60,000 people across Australia and new Zealand, are under the care of "i.on my"the multiple award winning i.on my Governance, Risk, Compliance, Accredtiation, Quality and HR software platform devleoped by ThoughtWare.

ThoughtWare, a Gold Coast based software development firm also holds QAssure, iProLive, ICN gateway and GITCV5 accreditations.

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