Thursday, October 9th, 2008

Credit Unions and Building Societies can now offer superior services to their clients following the introduction of the new NCR iTRAN3000t cheque transport coupled with application software and services from Reculver Technology.

Reculver Technology is a specialist developer of cheque and remittance processing software, and provides a full range of installation and maintenance services to banking, commercial and government clients.

The first small footprint cheque transport capable of full proof of deposit (PoD), inclearings and outclearings in Australia, the NCR iTRAN3000t from NCR Corporation is being offered in the Australian market by Reculver Technology fully supported by management and processing software for local conditions.

While larger machines have long been available to address the high-volume centralised cheque processing needs of large financial institutions, smaller machines offering the same feature functionality are now being introduced and targeted to customers requiring a lower volume, lower cost solution.

Reculver Technology managing director Stephen Dippy says, “The user-friendly NCR iTRAN3000t cheque transport machines are small, quiet and rich in features. At the same time, they deliver similar functionality as the higher volume transports, at an extremely cost effective price point.”

The cheque transports capture and store the image of the cheque, voucher or remittance (front and back), read the MICR data, apply an endorsement stamp, and encode and sort. In addition, the machines are quiet enough to share an office with clerical staff, and small enough to occupy a desktop. The machines share technology, software and components with much larger systems, and perform all of the “high end” tasks such as imaging, and magnetic ink reading and encoding as their higher end counterparts.

“Reculver has created application interfaces to Australian institutions and integrated the cheque transport machines with management software. These systems can automatically read and process cheques and mailed remittances, prepare all cheques for exchange with other banks, and present and archive images of all documents for clients,” says Mr. Dippy. “Together, the NCR iTRAN3000t and the Reculver Technology application suite give the non-banking sector greater control, as these organisations can now offer their clients a direct and customised service.”

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Reculver Technology

Australia’s major company for technical support and software development in the area of inter-bank cheque clearings (“item processing”) and mail payments processing (“remittance processing”), Reculver Technology is a long-standing Australian partner of NCR Corporation, the world’s leading provider of automated teller machines and back office cheque clearing equipment. Based in Belair, South Australia, Reculver has worked in partnership with NCR Corporation for the past 18 years.
Stephen Dippy, Managing Director
P: 08 8278 0500


Cheque processing solution offers Australian credit unions and building societies efficient, cost-effective proof of deposit functionality


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