Sunday, September 26th, 2010
Higher feed-in rates for South Australian householders are fueling unprecedented demand for high quality solar energy systems across the State.

With the temperature hotting up and increased benefits for householders to take
advantage of solar energy, ZEN Home Energy Systems has just received shipments
of the world’s most technically advanced panels for the local market.

ZEN Home Energy Systems Chief Executive Officer, Richard Turner, said the South
Australian company was gearing up to cope with what it expects to be one of the
busiest Spring/Summer sales periods on record.

The State Government recently announced it would introduce legislation enabling
households and small customers with solar energy panels to receive a guaranteed
extra 10 cents for each kilowatt per hour of electricity they feed into the grid.

The SA feed-in tariff is being lifted from 44c to 54c which, with the top up by energy
retailers, should see the premium buy back to householders for their excess energy
produced by solar panels reach close to 60c per kWh.

“This is about three times what is paid for power and is further incentive for South
Australian householders to live free with solar energy,” Mr Turner said.

“Householders can invest in a high quality ZEN system that powers their whole
home, is expertly installed and backed by the industry’s leading customer support.”

To cater for the rise in demand, ZEN – one of the largest installers of solar home
energy systems in Australia – will also become the first solar company in Australia to
open full retail stores.

In November, ZEN will open retail stores at the Gepps Cross Homemaker Centre
and Marion Shopping Centre to service its involvement in the Solar Councils
Community Program across metropolitan Adelaide.

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Zen Home Energy Systems

ZEN Home Energy Systems is Australia's first fully branded and packaged Solar Home Energy System.

ZEN is Zero ENergy, achieving the idea of balancing the energy we consume in our home with the energy we generate.

ZEN have produced two ranges of Grid Connect Systems (Offset Systems and Whole Home Systems) and our "ZEN Freedom System" range if you are living off the power grid.

Richard Turner - Chief Executive Officer
P: Phone 08-8211 0600
M: Mobile: 0418 844 780


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