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Sputter Coating Market; Introduction & Overview

The process in which the target material is bombarded with heavy particles with higher speed result in the erosion of target material, is simply called metal deposition. If this process takes place in the presence of gaseous glow discharge between an anode and a cathode than the process is called as Sputtering coating. Sputtered metals are not deposited in uniform layer but deposited in the form of islands, depending on the task requirements. Enhancement of this process can be done by the choice of ionizing gas and target material in the application of scanning electron microscopy (SEM). Sputter coating offers so many benefits in SEM which are listed as; Reduced microscopic beam damage, Reduced sample charging, reduced beam penetration with improved edge resolution, it protects beam sensitive specimens, Improved secondary electron emission, & Increased thermal conduction are some of them.

Sputter coating has main applications in electronics & semiconductor sectors, used for metallic deposition on silicon wafer to generate electronic circuits. The metallic coating formed by sputtering process is used to enhance the capacity of data storage in memory devices such as memory cards, hard disk drives, CDs, DVDs, & also used to improve the graphics of the displays used in consumer electronics such as Laptops, Smart phones, LCD, LED & others. Sputter coating is one of the fastest growing vapor deposition process. Sputter coating market is expected to grow from millions to billions in the forecasting duration.

Sputter Coating Market; Market Dynamics

The key trend of Sputter coating market is, the interest of big organizations in ramping up their semiconductor capital expenditures. The key drivers of global sputter coating market are drastic increase in the demand of sensor based systems, Storage devices & other semiconductor devices where sputter coating takes place, which increases the market share of sputter coating materials and equipment as well. On the other hand key restraints of global sputter coating market are high overall cost of sputter coating due to added cost of different batches & fluctuation in materials price along with that high cost of workstations.

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Sputter Coating Market; Segmentation

Segmentation of sputter coating market is done on the basis of target material, substrate, application & Geography. On the basis of target material, segmentation is done as; pure material, compound & alloys. By substrate type Sputter is segmented into three segments which are metals & dielectric, insulators & Semiconductor. Further the insulator is sub segmented into glass, plastic & other (ceramic & textile).

By sputter coating’s applications, Sputter coating market is segmented into automotive and transportation, Architecture, electronics, Defense & security, Energy lighting, medical, optical coating, tribological coating & others (decorative coating). These segments can further be sub segmented as; sub segments of electronics segment are microelectronic, data storage & Display application, optical coating’s sub segments are  anti-reflection coating, high-reflection coating & beam splitter coating & tribological coating is sub segmented as; wear resistance coating, friction resistance coating & corrosion resistance coating.

Geographically, the Sputter coating market is segmented into seven regions which are;  North America, Latin America, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Asia – Pacific (excluding Japan), Japan as a separate region and Middle East & Africa. The largest market for Sputter coating is Asia Pacific followed by North America & it is expected Asia Pacific will maintain its dominance in the forecasting period as well.

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Sputter Coating Market; Key Players

The key market players of sputter coating market are JX Nippon Mining & Metals Corporation, Tosoh SMD Inc., Mitsui Mining & Smelting Co., Ltd., Techmetals, Angstrom Engineering, Richter Precision Inc., Paxair Surface Technologies, Heraeus Deutschland GmbH & Co. Kg & others.

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