Wednesday, October 8th, 2008

The saying "if you are not in IT, you are not in business", has never been more true. Often what separates a successful contemporary business from a corporate dinosaur facing extinction is how that business embraces and exploits IT.

A well managed Information Technology System can help open the gate to business growth; managed poorly, it can become a costly millstone around the neck of an enterprise. It is important for businesses to realise that IT is a powerful growth tool and a key investment, not simply an administration expense.

There is a real danger with SMEs in particular, to expect the internal Help Desk to provide for all their IT requirements.

To fully capitalise on any technology potential – as well as provide essential services such as firewall installation, virtual private networks and Spam protection – requires expert, professional assistance.

Advance Business Consulting ( was established in 1997 - following a management buyout of an existing 18 year old computer software company - to provide businesses with IT planning, systems and services that can foster growth and aid innovation.

Since then we have grown from 9 employees to 20 and built a reputation as a leading provider of world-class business systems and computer networks.

With a belief that there is no ‘one size fits all’ where technology is concerned, we have worked with a broad range of industries including professional and financial services, wholesale distribution, food production and not-for-profit organisations.

As an example, one of our clients (Meals on Wheels), has been provided with a PC network to link more than 50 branches throughout the State to the organisation’s central office enabling the volunteers to work more effectively in the community.

We also designed, developed, and delivered an integrated direct debit system for the organisation. This has resulted in a greater integration between head office and the branches, without the branches losing control of the management of the cooking, delivery and payment of the meals.

Importantly, the Advance team are not just IT experts but also business-focussed professionals. Having gained a solid understanding of different industries, we are more than software developers.

We often provide thought leadership in terms of improved work-flow and customer service. We find this is a critical advantage in achieving improved efficiency and productivity, and competitive improvements for our clients.

In summary, information technology can help manage day-to-day challenges and growth, but only if the systems present a holistic view of the business and are maintained and extended by skilled people.

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Advance Business Consulting

  • Advance Business Consulting formed in 1997
  • Team of 20 leading business minded IT specialists
  • Provides world leading SAP and Greentree software packages, custom software and computer networks solutions
  • Focus on serving South Australian’s SME’s
  • Aims to give clients a competitive edge streamlining their processes and increasing productivity through the use of technology
  • Head office: 82a Waymouth Street. Adelaide SA 5000 (08 8239 6500)

Ana Cecilia Gozalo-Martinez
P: 08 8238 6500
M: 0413 123 440


To survive in the modern economy, businesses must move Information Technology from the back office Help Desk to the organisation’s frontline.


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