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Everyday life throws up enough challenges without having to contend with bad smells into the bargain. No wonder almost one in five Australians 14+ (or 3.8 million people) buy air fresheners or deodorisers in an average four weeks, as the latest findings from Roy Morgan research reveal.

Aussies aged 65 and older are more likely than any other age group to buy air fresheners or deodorisers: 23.9% of them purchase one in an average four weeks, compared with just 12.3% of under-25s and 16.2% of 25-34 year-olds.

Perhaps surprisingly, pet owners are only marginally more likely than average to buy these products. Some 20.6% of dog owners, 20.8% of cat owners and 23.0% of people who own at least one dog and one cat buy air fresheners in any given four weeks, noticeably fewer than the 27.9% of smokers who buy them in the same period.

Air freshener and deodoriser: who’s more likely to buy them in an average four weeks?


Source: Roy Morgan Single Source (Australia), Jan–Dec 2015 (n=15,367). Base: Australians 14+, except smoking data (Australians 18+).

Looking beyond demographic variables such as age, pet ownership or smoking habits, air-freshener purchase appears to be linked to one specific attitude: ‘I can’t relax until I know the house is clean and tidy’. While 24.0% of people who agree with this attitude statement buy air fresheners/ deodorisers in an average four weeks, the corollary is even more striking:  half of Australians who buy these products can’t relax until they know their house is clean and tidy (well above the population average of 40.4%). Could there be a broader concern with household cleanliness at play?

The data would suggest so. Compared to the average Australian, people who buy air-fresheners are:

  •           175% more likely to buy household cleaners (powder)
  •           139% more likely to buy household cleaners (liquid)
  •           133% more likely to buy household cleaners (spray or pump pack)
  •           129% more likely to buy household cleaners (cream)
  •           125% more likely to buy bleach
  •           112% more likely to buy toilet cleaner

After all, what good is a fragrant home if it’s not spick and span as well?

Norman Morris, Industry Communications Director, Roy Morgan Research, says:

“While they may not make the news very often, air fresheners and deodorisers speak volumes about the people who buy them, as the data presented here indicates.

“Certainly, factors such as age, smoking and pet ownership contribute to a consumer’s decision to buy these products, but their interest in general household cleanliness and hygiene appears to be just as influential. Indeed, in order to gain a competitive edge on their rivals, brands need to understand that their current and potential customers’ attitudes are as important as their demographics, and tailor their marketing accordingly.

“Obviously, air-freshener brands that also offer cleaning products stand to benefit from some strategic cross-promotion. With the insights provided by Roy Morgan Single Source data, they can even determine which media channels their target customers are most likely to use, thus helping them to market their products for maximum impact.”

View this release in full (and download the PDF) on our website.

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