Thursday, September 23rd, 2010
Google Caffeine has officially been announced with the aim to provide users with the most accurate information possible in real time.

Real time data is perceived to be fresher, more interesting, and more useful to consumers but could hold significant consequences for businesses trying to keep their page 1 rankings on the world’s most popular search engine.

The announcement not only gives a mammoth boost to the already influential networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter but means consumers have more control over what sites get on to the first page of Google.

Google will now take a preference to news feeds, interactive comment and user approval and use social media sites to act as ‘gatekeepers’ to quality content due to their popularity as users promote ‘fresh’ content by the minute.

Surf Pacific, an interactive multimedia and digital agency has designed a ‘SearchPlusSocial’ solution package that takes a pro-active approach, with the sole intent of increasing enquiries and therefore sales for their clients. They intend on doing this by customising accounts across the top twenty social networking websites and updating content on an ongoing daily basis with compelling offers, interesting but calculated posts, entertaining tweets and strategic insights.

Surf Pacific believes that not only will their solution maintain and possibly enhance their clients page listings on Google, but give them the opportunity to generate more customers for their clients by direct marketing to their online followers as well as through the relationships they will form through these social media sites.

Director of Surf Pacific Gregory Gray says, “we’ll also begin relationship marketing to potential clients through a quarterly newsletter that is designed to encourage and inspire ‘followers’ to become customers of our clients business, this is where the gold-rush will take form”.

“This change in Google’s infrastructure represents a quantifiable opportunity for those willing to act on it. At the end of the day, it all comes down to getting more sales, and for our clients there is no greater opportunity than the one of being found at the top of Google - and doing whatever it takes to keep that position indefinitely,” Mr Gray says.

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Surf Pacific is a specialist digital agency based on the Gold Coast in Australia and in Las Vegas in the USA. Their aim is to connect their clients businesses to customers through exciting internet engagement. Surf Pacific offers Websites, Content Creation, Mobile Sites, SEO, PR, DM, Newsletters, and Social Media.
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