Friday, December 16th, 2005

Have you ever looked for a home to rent or purchase? Do you remember how tedious it was? Luckily, these days nearly all properties are advertised on the internet. But to find your ideal property to call home, you still need to search from web site to web site, often day after day or week after week, as well as sorting through duplicate properties listed on multiple web sites. This soon becomes a laborious chore.
Now Adelaide based InfoTec Communications has developed technology to create thegofa, your very own personal search assistant. Enter your details, and thegofa will do all the property searching for you, web site to web site, day after day, and then instantly email you each time a new property is found from across the internet that matches your criteria.
Thegofa now provides one-stop access to a large range of property listings across Australia. Initially offered for residential rental properties, thegofa is proving a growing success with currently 90% of users saying they would recommend thegofa to others.
Unlike normal search engines, thegofa uses InfoTec Communications proprietary technology to retrieve product data as well as providing unique consumer-to-product matching and reporting. Further stages of development will refine the ability to dynamically read a greater diversity of websites in other market sectors.
InfoTec Communications has a track record providing real estate services and commercialising innovative products. In 1995, in another Australian first, InfoTec introduced the Info Numbers property information service, which is still widely used today.
InfoTec Communications was recently awarded a national third place winner in the 2005 Secrets of Australian IT Innovations Award competition for its development of the specialised search engine technology behind thegofa service.
If you ever wanted your very own personal assistant to do the searching for you (currently rental properties at this stage), thegofa at may just offer the help you need.

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