Wednesday, May 4th, 2016
With all the recent hype around the sugar tax and the
harmful effects of sugar, more and more people are
discovering the benefits of sugar-free diets, but sticking
to them isn't easy.
Enter The Sugarfree Box. This brand new service provides a
handpicked selection of high-quality, sugar-free products,
delivered to the door once a month, for a fixed, affordable
monthly subscription.
"It's all about making the sugarfree lifestyle easier and
more enjoyable," says Steph, the founder. "Scouring
supermarkets for exciting low-sugar products and health
foods can be difficult and time-consuming! But, with this
subscription box, people can rest assured they're receiving
a range of items that are not only sugarfree, but also
nutritious and delicious. We also include some great
recipes in each box to help people discover new ways to
cook low-sugar meals.”
The Sugarfree Box's contents change each month. So far,
products that have made the grade include KOJA's chia seed
and coconut breakfast topper, Bare Bunny's pizza flatbread
mix and Food to Nourish's activated almonds, among others.
Every single item is free of refined sugar, fructose-
friendly, and contains less than five grams of sugar per
100 grams.
The Sugarfree Box is available in two sizes - "The Jumbo"
and "The Mini". The Jumbo launched on 1st April and sold
out within two weeks. It contains between five and 10 full-
sized and sample products, as well as a handful of creative
recipes, and is priced at $39 for a month-to-month
subscription, $114 for a three-month subscription, $225 for
a six-monthly subscription and $444 for a twelve-month
subscription. Pre-orders for The Jumbo's
next edition will close on 15 May 2016, and the jam-packed 
box will be arriving on doorsteps
Australia-wide in early June.
The Mini Box was launched a month later, on 1st May. It
contains five to 10 mini products, as well as a handful of
creative recipes and discounts, and is priced at $25 for a
month-to-month subscription, $70 for a three-month
subscription box, $130 for a six-month subscription and
$258 for a 12-month subscription. Like The Jumbo box, 
preorders for the June edition close on 15 May 2016.
The flexible plans allow customers to choose a subscription
that best suits them. Those who are curious, but not
committed, can order a month-to-month subscription, while
those who are ready to commit can score sizeable discounts
with a one year subscription. Furthermore, there's also a
"Gift the Box" option for anyone who'd like to send some
sugarfree goodies to a friend - be it to mark a special
occasion or to encourage them to embark on a healthier,
more energetic lifestyle.
For more information, please contact:
[email protected]

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