Wednesday, September 22nd, 2010
RentSavers, a unique property management service provides significant ongoing savings to property investors by removing ongoing commissions to Sales Agents.

Most property management organisations structure their fees using a percentage of total rent, generally 5.5 or, even as high as 7.7 percent with additional charges for postage, administration and bank fees.

RentSavers provides a property management based on a flat rate fee - $99 for two bedrooms, $121 for three or, more bedrooms- regardless of total rental earnings.

Not only do investors save on initial costs, unlike with other service providers, fees will not increase in line with ongoing rent increases.

A flat rate free is much fairer system of management – it takes the same time and resources to manage a two bedroom rental property which generates $400/week compared to a rental apartment which generates $1,000/week or, more.

The fee structure follows a similar shift in the Financial Planning Industry where Financial Planners are moving away from ongoing percentage commissions to the more transparent fee – for – service.

The move of RentSavers towards a flat fee will shake up the property investment industry shifting the balance of power away from property managers back to property investors – finally they have options!

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Property Management moves from Percentage Commissions to a Flat Fee-for-Service.

RentSavers is a Property Management Business located in Balgowlah NSW. The Property Management service is provided by experienced Property Managers with over seven years experience ensuring that investors, properties and tenants are provided with great service.
Marina Pradere
P: 1300 736 872 (1300 RentSavers)
M: 0432 597 559


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