Wednesday, September 22nd, 2010

Well-informed, involved and positive parenting is the essential resource in helping a child with dyslexia to succeed at school. That’s the message from Liz Dunoon, first-time author, school teacher and mother of three children with dyslexia in her new book Helping Children With Dyslexia – 21 Super Strategies To Ensure Your Child’s Success At School.

Her view is echoed by experts whose opinions and research are included in the book, an invaluable resource to parents concerned about their child’s learning, in particular their ability to read and write. She blends practical information and advice about raising concerns with teachers and seeking expert guidance with inspiring personal stories from dyslexics and their families.

But perhaps the most powerful aspect of Helping Children With Dyslexia – 21 Super Strategies To Ensure Your Child’s Success At School is that Liz speaks from first-hand experience and from the heart. A teacher with a particular love of literacy, she writes candidly of her despair at discovering her eldest son was having severe reading difficulties, her frustration with the lack of information available to her and the challenges of engaging school and teachers in tackling the problem.

When she finally found the guidance and information she and her son needed to progress, she became determined to share her story, research and, importantly, her tried and tested strategies.

“According to leading dyslexia researchers, around 10 per cent of the English speaking population could have dyslexia, yet there was only a single mention of it during one lecture in my teaching training. I have become passionate about wanting to help parents gain access to resources – experts, websites, learning aids and the personal accounts of other families in the same boat,” she says.

“There is a misconception that dyslexia sufferers are somehow less intelligent, but research fails to bear this out, showing dyslexic children are generally of equal or higher intelligence when compared with children without dyslexia. Sir Richard Branson, who has written the foreword to my book, is a wonderful role model – a dyslexic who has embraced his strengths and achieved global success”.

Emotional support is vital, she says. Often, school is frightening for children with dyslexia. They are excluded socially, can feel like failures and are frustrated and exhausted simply by the effort required to keep up. Liz, with her family, has experienced the lows and highs and offers practical, empathetic advice.

The purchase of the book gives readers access to three additional ‘How To Teach Your Children’ eBooks on-line through Liz’s website, as well as links to important resources to provide support, ideas and encouragement. It also comes with an audio MP3 DVD for people who would prefer to listen rather than read.

Helping Children With Dyslexia : 21 Super Strategies To Ensure Your Child’s Success At School is available in retail bookshops from September or online
RRP $29.95

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