Tuesday, September 21st, 2010
While e-books, and e-book readers, have been on the market for some time, consumers have been found hesitant to make e-books their primary way to read written material. While many recognize the obvious convenience of having books and written material available in a single device, many have complained that e-books lack the comfort of written material. The electronic screen of an e-book reader can be painful to the eyes in ways that ink on a printed page is not. However, researchers at MIT have developed E-ink technology which has allowed the development of e-book readers that are able to render visual material with a paper-like appearance. One such reader is the Hanvon WISEreader.

Available in many different sizes, ranging from 5 to 8 inches, Hanvon e-book readers use the technology relied upon by earlier readers, but they have been engineered to address the drawbacks that many readers have had in the past, while adding new features in the process. With its E-ink technology, sun glare has been completely eliminated, allowing users to read in outdoor light with ease. The screen does not flicker and size scaling is easy.

In addition to its E-ink technology, these next generation e-book readers are able to use any available Wi-Fi network to connect to an online store, making any desired book or publication instantly available to the user. They use a highly developed power management system, allowing the devices to be used for several days without the need for a charge. Electromagnetic handwriting systems are also included in the Hanvon devices, which allow for the easy taking of notes. This allows users to make notes in their electronic copy of a work, just as they could in an actual printed work.

Hanvon has created the next generation of e-book readers. By addressing the issues of previous readers, and making the e-book reader function and appear more like a real book, Hanvon has truly re-invented the notion of an e-book reader.

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