Monday, September 20th, 2010
Social Media is gaining momentum in the corporate landscape and is no doubt changing the way in which we all do business. WPM is on board looking at social media and online strategy as a way to stay ahead in an increasingly tough global candidate market.

For WPM, having an online profile has meant identifying the key platforms such as LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook and understanding what each has to offer. “Each offers a new way to connect to companies and individuals, and allows us to stay in touch with a global candidate pool more readily,” says Marketing Manager, Natalie Jackway.

Unlike other consulting firms, WPM Managing Director Ben Wilson sees it as an opportunity to stay on top of industry trends, changes and issues and keep in touch with candidates and clients across the globe.
“These online resources are excellent sources of information. They allow WPM to prepare for meetings with clients and candidates alike with highly relevant and up to date information.”

“By using Facebook and LinkedIn it allows us to communicate to both existing, and future candidates and gets WPM’s name out there in a way which traditional avenues of advertising can’t. Our online presence means WPM is now more visible worldwide. And we aim to listen to that global voice to help us grow and understand our client’s needs.”

However, WPM is quick to acknowledge that this new strategy is not a holistic solution for brand building. They commit to continuing to build long term client and candidate partnerships by ensuring the relationship remains firmly grounded and not just in the social media cloud.

WPM invites you to connect with them through Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter.

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Established in 2000 WPM is a small team of dedicated management consultants who specialise in technical and operational consulting and executive search permanent and contracting services.

WPM works with mega projects and leading global organisations in the areas of Strategic HSEC, QA, VP Operations and Project Management, Technical and Engineering, and HRM.
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