Monday, May 23rd, 2016

Adelaide, 2 May, 2016:   The Government’s Smart Cities strategy, announced on Friday, cannot be realised without a grassroots change in thinking, according to a South Australian businessman who has been working for the past few years on Smart City technology, bringing together a big data community to showcase that advanced world class thinking and capability exists in Adelaide without the need to look overseas.

Mr  Karidis said that smart cities need to be resilient against both foreseen and unforeseen crises.  

"I believe a strong Smart Cities Plan of city clusters, supportive infrastructure, housing diversity, smart investment and smart technology will provide us with the basis to weather the impact of global economic changes," Mr Karidis said.  

“Advanced image recognition, advanced transport systems and real-time health systems are just a few of the world firsts we're developing in Adelaide, but to make these a commercial reality we need to create a culture where government collaborates with and supports local innovative companies," Mr Karidis said.

“I very much support Prime Minister Turnbull’s Smart Cities Plan to reduce commuting and deliver jobs closer to homes. PALAMIR’s goal is to assist this vision by  enabling the real and virtual connections between people, transport, sensors and mobile technologies."

Mr Karidis said that Adelaide is well placed to adopt technologies that enable citizens to enjoy a better quality of life, as they do in cities like Copenhagen and Singapore.  Examples include using big data to find the closest qualified CPR person is in case of a heart attack; Internet of Things sensors that monitor when the elderly aren’t moving in their home; and Intelligent Transport Systems which dynamically alter public transport to bypass road congestion and get you to work in time. 

"A smart city isn't just about technology, it's about how citizens interact with the city, and how the city impacts on their wellbeing, economy, the environment, mobility and leadership. Citizens who are part of this journey then help make a smart city a resilient city."

Mr Karidis added that the Ideas Boom, recently launched by the Prime Minister and the Hon Christopher Pyne MP, Minister for Industry, Innovation and Science, marked a pivotal point in Australian history and an opportunity to to build on innovation and lead the way in Smart Cities. ##

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