Saturday, September 18th, 2010
Belden has introduced a new FiberExpress® Brilliance® field-installable connector where terminations can be made in less than five seconds.

The patent-pending FiberExpress Brilliance connector is the only fibre optic connector in the marketplace to overcome the key challenges of connector installation in the field. That is, it provides a quick and greatly simplified tool-less fibre termination process and the ability to quickly and reliably verify the termination once it's made.

This unmatched performance is a fool-proof way to ensure 100 per cent reliability, even when the connectors are used in environments with temperatures ranging from -40ºC to +75ºC.

Simple and sophisticated
The design of the new Belden FiberExpress Brilliance connector enables contractors to terminate a tight buffered fibre in just three simple steps:

· Insert the fibre into the connector
· Using the index finger, slide the connector's switch-like activator toward the fibre to be terminated to bring about the splice/crimp
· Slide the boot on the connector body — and it's done!

To see a video of this simple process, click here:

This fibre installation procedure is accomplished without using any specific or proprietary installation tools. The built-in activator performs the fibre splicing and crimping action within the connector, thus reducing the number of steps involved by 50 per cent (as compared with most field-installable connectors).

Brilliance field-installable connectors can be used for loose tube fibre installations, with the addition of a break-out kit, so installers can achieve the same reliability and improved fibre yields as with tight buffered terminations.

On-site installation assurance can easily be achieved with the use of an external laser light source. A light can be seen through the clear window on the connector body until a fibre has been properly terminated.


Belden's new FiberExpress Brilliance connectors can be used as a backbone, horizontal, or fibre-to-the-desk (FTTD) component in any commercial building, government agency or data centre. They are ideal for use in the field connectorisation of high-speed optical fibre networks such as 10G Ethernet, as well as the more challenging 40G/100G networks of the future.

Its use with Belden's FiberExpress Ultra Patch Panel — an ultra-high density, flexible and easy-to-install patch panel system — guarantees optimal performance and reliability, along with labour savings and ease of use.

Save Money
The connector saves not only on time and labour, it also reduces out-of-pocket costs:
• 'No tools needed' means that there are no special/proprietary tools to purchase.
• Since the connector can be re-terminated up to five (5) times, the installer can experience improved connector termination yields,
which means lower material costs and no connector waste.
• Installation kits are less complex and less expensive.
• Training expense is significantly reduced.
• Belden provides a 100% installation yield guarantee.

For more information, request New Product Bulletin #308. Contact Belden on 1800 500 775, email [email protected] or visit

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