Friday, September 17th, 2010

TAXIBOX mobile self-storage continues to attract attention from the Melbourne media. On 14 September 2010, TAXIBOX’s co-managing director Ben Cohn featured on Lion FM's Property Hour (FM 96.1). The Property Hour is a 1 hour segment hosted by LJ Hooker’s Alex Flamm every Tuesday afternoon between 5-6PM.

In keeping with the real estate theme, key points that were discussed included how TAXIBOXES are perfect for:

  • easily de-cluttering a property to maximise the selling price prior to auction or sale
  • vendors, purchasers and renters of real estate who require storage when in between properties

Below is an edited summary of the transcript:

Question: How did you come up with the idea of TAXIBOX mobile self-storage?
BC: TAXIBOX came about from seeing the idea in the United States. Mobile self-storage has been happening over there for the last 15 years and when myself and my business partner heard about it we couldn’t resist the opportunity! Mobile self-storage is such a great idea - it provides fantastic convenience at a cheaper price than regular self-storage.

Question: How secure is the concept of a TAXIBOX?
BC: Our TAXIBOXES are extremely secure, if you have any doubts, let me confirm it with this: each box weighs around 500 kgs – they arrive at your place and are clamped. They are protected with security screws. There is a padlock that you lock it with and only you keep the keys. Have no doubt about it – TAXIBOXES are very secure!

Question: Do TAXIBOXES come in different sizes?
Answer: No, we have intentionally gone with the size that has been used in the United States for the last 15 years. This size has proven time and time again to work the best because it fits almost any item of furniture (e.g. a three seater couch, a fridge etc.,) but prevents customers from overpaying for space they are not using. To give you an example of what a client of ours put in yesterday, they put in a queen sized mattress, a queen sized base, two single mattresses and bases, a buffet, a dining room table, six chairs a washing machine and six tea chest boxes. Each TAXIBOX can fit approximately a room and a half worth of contents.

Question: Do customers require a council permit to park TAXIBOXES on the side of the street?
Answer: Nope! Our model is unique in that we are allowed to park these TAXIBOXES on the street outside your house because they are sitting on trailers, a registered vehicle. Occasionally, when we park our TAXIBOXES in a 2 hr zone or a permit zone, we call council to get permission but in most cases (when we park TAXIBOXES on a street or in a driveway) there is no need to arrange a permit.

A copy of the radio recording is available on request from TAXIBOX.

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TAXIBOX mobile self-storage is revolutionising the self-storage industry by providing a service called mobile self-storage. Mobile self-storage is just like regular self-storage, except it’s mobile! This means we deliver the storage units to your door. The process is so simple:

1. We deliver 2. You pack 3. We store

TAXIBOX is by far the most convenient, secure and cost effective way to store! We’re also a proud member of the Self Storage Association of Australasia.

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